obsessed. . . HGTV dream house 2012

the HGTV dream home in park city, utah is 100 percent OOC.
i just visited park city for the first time last year. {see post here}  and i am TOTES moving there when i win the house.  no, i'm not a strong skiier or particularly fond of the outdoors but i'm willing to change.  for one thing only. . .

this. house.

here are some highlights.

the great room.

oh, hello glorious kitchen. . .

this is where YOU stay when you come visit me.

the 'changing' room.  not to be confused with the mud room {that's coming. . . }

sauna in the changing room.  obvi.

mud room.

family room.

this is one of my fave parts.  the mini room off the family room for the kiddos.  

look at the mini-door.


oh yes, more laundry room lust. . . 

i don't even need riggins in this one.

because my dogs will be there . . . and more storage than i could ever imagine.

the sitting room leading to master. . .

that has another dog bed in the master sitting room.  love!


yes, please.

you can also stay here when you visit.  but i think we will reserve this room for team G.

the outdoor family room.

yes, CBC would be very happy here. . .

 i mean. . . i just. . . can't.

the hot tub area {not to be confused with the outdoor fam room}

the backyard.

i'm even swooning over the garage.

hey HGTV, nailed it!

check out even more deets and register to win here - but know that i will cry {a lot} if you win instead of me.  or i can just move into the blue room . . . who am i kidding, i'll even sleep in the mud room . . .
good luck!


Beth McC. said...

This house has my name ALL OVER IT! I love it! There is not one thing I would change about it! That kitchen is AMAZING!!

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