wedding wednesday: bling bling

ahhhh, these glorious images never. get. old.  
from martha {obvs}.  she spells it all out for us with her diamond ring glossary.

i'd be happy with one of the precious velvet boxes.


it's not all about the ring.  but it is a very fun part of getting engaged.
hands {that's what we will refer to the groom going forward} totes nailed it with the ash's ring.
i was honored to help out with what style she had been swooning over for, ahum . . .years.  but hands did the dirty work himself and the ring exceeded all of our expectations.

stunning, really.

but what's more stunning-  ring or rojo rental?

and after a mid-dress shopping martini- i just had to try it on for myself {don't mind the 2.5 week old shellac attack}


in case you are wondering, i have a pink ring.  seriously.  it's a long story and not what horseface initially proposed with but it's brought me v. good luck in the form of two girly girls.  my wise and wonderfully supportive mama just says she guesses it's better i switch out the ring than the hub.  i concur.  

what's your dream ring look like?

target tuesday

welcome to my new feature - target tuesday!  
i think the target website leaves much to be desired {ahum, infamous missoni crash of '11} but if you are anything like me, you pilgrimage to this mecca multiple times a week.
i don't always hit up the jewelry department but this morning i was looking for some fun accessories for mee-ah-mee.
so many fab goodies!
including but not limited to the following:

all under 29.99.  obvs.

fitting that target tuesday was born on the same day as my dear sweet sugar on top's son, nicholas robert. congrats, B fam!  what a lucky little dude. 
this precious bundle is sure to be a target regular.  just remember to keep him away from kray kray.
stay tuned for a feature on sugar on top's sprinkle - coming soon to a blog near you.

oscar monday

little time to post at the moment so i'm just sharing my pick for best dressed from last night's oscar awards.

michelle williams nailed it in LV.
the bubblegum pink purse sealed the deal.  obvs.

in case you missed it - check out michelle's red carpet competition here.


frenchie friday: whatta mug

we've had a sick house all week and now it's sorta miz outside.  womp. 
 my new mug from fabulous friend LG was definitely the bright spot of my morning.  
thanks LG!  {sidebar: we need a better nickname for you.  hmmmm . . .}

from urban outfitters for 8 dollah - or better yet - two for ten!

happy weekend!  it will all be okay . . .

twig & thistle OOC oscar soiree

as if the gorge gowns are going to give us enough to swoon about on sunday, check out this DIY, complete with free printables, oscar party on twig & thistle
so. lovely.

i think the clever addressing of the invites is my fave part . . . 

you!  if you head over to twig & thistle to take advantage of all these adorbs printables. {including the invites, oscar ballots, place cards, drink tags, popcorn boxes, and even that handsome oscar statuette!}

i sadly had to decline a delightful invite for popcorn, champers, and gown-critique.  womp.  i'm calling my current lifestyle : SJLD {super junk lock down}. and close proximity to that glorious oreo cake is not ideal for SJLD.  

i hope the rest of you indulge & enjoy on my behalf!
happy oscars!

wedding wednesday: maids

not only did we find the ash's STUNNING wedding gown this past saturday - we also chose the maids' dresses.  I had done some research {shocking} and was afraid that alfred sung's bridesmaids dresses must be too good to be true.  every glorious color of the rainbow and adorbs styles- and reasonably priced, to boot? 
  so we popped into a store that carried them and were pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the color we had chosen.  love-loved it actually!

again, i can't spoil the fun but which one do you like best

a teeny hint.  the MOH {moi, obvs} will wear the dress in the long version and the other fabulous gals will wear the short version.  adorbs!

no junk in the trunk

i have to blog about this in order to help with my follow-thru. for those that know me - i don't have to explain that 'exercise' is not exactly my forte.  but i'm really trying this time! and if any of you bump into me in the next couple weeks and you see me with a cocktail in my hand or any food without 'nutritional value', please feel free to smack me {and drink my cocktail}

i've enlisted the help of sarah junk, owner of body baby fitness, to help me get in shape for miami.  sarah is a REALLY good trainer, and the time has come to see if my tummy is capable of being seen without a tuck. if anyone can help me achieve this goal- it's sarah.  we have a plan!  {said plan will be revealed after the this training period.}  btw, for those of you that don't know sarah junk, she's pretty much the only person on the planet that could rock that name - she's a tiny- fit - strong - adorbs - pea- nut!

sarah is mad at me because she only agreed to this challenge if i promised to do what she told me.  and she told me NOT to drink or eat anything naughty, and then my fam came to town and the green smoothies weren't going to cut it when it came to celebrating the ash's engagement and wedding dress shopping.

today i will pay the price!

anyhoot, this made me smile.

as does this.

but this is what i'll be really staring at the next two + weeks.

stay tuned.  maybe i'll be channeling jen sooner than later.

dress success!

had a fabulous time dress shopping with my ashly, aunnie, and my mom this past weekend.  we were on a mission and the ash found 'the one'.  exhausting but worth it. and such. BIG. fun.

we started off with this oscar de la renta that we had been obsessing over for days.
not the one. {lucky thing since no can do 9k}  
must.  try.  everything.  you just never know what you'll fall in love with.

these are just a few more she tried on during the marathon search.
two more oscars . . .

love the bows!

a princess dress by anne barge

and a gorge monique . . .

then onto vera.

vera had some funky shiz going on - not gonna lie but we gave it a go.  
she also had some real beauties.  obvs.

she tried this in ivory- look at the cray cray back!

she even tried on the "serena".  how could she not?


i mustn't spoil all the fun so you have to wait until october to find out "the one" {unless you are one of the one hundred peeps i excitedly texted this weekend with images of the ash looking STUNNING}

then we came home, popped the veuve, ate pizza, and asked CBC to dig out my vera from the basement.  yup, i took my wedding gown out of it's "preservation" box and threw her on. i'm a freak.  but i fell in love all over again.  thanks, mom, for buying me my dream dress.

ash, i am SO happy you found yours.  
you're a flipping rock star in it.