land of nod your head YES . . .

so after hemming and hawing over whether or not to by c & p "real" big girl beds or faux {toddler beds} i decided to buy some toddler beds for a myriad of reasons.  one of which was that i could not find the twin beds that i was looking for.  another being i wasn't sure if they'd be annoying the shiz out of each other in a couple years and want their own rooms.  {highly unlikely given the amount of mischief they are enjoying together currently}

and then, low and behold, a mere two weeks later, my land of nod catalog arrives and it's finally offering the jenny lind twin bed in colors.  wor-ship.

totes j'adore.

i am very happy i didn't purchase them in white like i was considering.  meanwhile, the girls are already quite settled with their jenny lind toddler beds which i am pleased with given the reasonable price tag.   {look lame in pic but obvs i don't have that cheesy bedding on them}

this new offering gives me some time to plan a proper big girl room.  raspberry or azure?  or maybe they'll even offer more colors by the time we are ready to commit.  this is good stuff.  nice work, land of nod.

the catalog had a few other pleasant surprises, too - like this bedding.

notice it has a pink and yellow stripe. . . hmmmm.  wheels are turning.

and these adorbs chairs.



later PBK.


SAG happy

so i think the sag fashions blew the globes out of the water.  i have lots of faves!  and i'm actually in a good mood for a monday so don't have anything negative to say except for busy phillips. . . because well, she's just asking for it.

one of my fave games to play with peeps is to ask 'what would you wear to an awards show?'
my stock answer is white because it was such huge big fun to wear white on my wedding day and when else can you wear it, really?  but in reality {you know fake reality} i would go with. . . you guessed it, hot pink.

hennyways, lots o' white last night!

sort of boring but the good wife looks pretty.

a miss for gretchen mol.

is this chick wear the same blah dress as the good wife?

i am totes digging this outfit on rose byrne.  such a risk but i think she pulls it off.  {i'm also heavily involved with her character on damages right now.  ellen parsons does not wear this cool shiz tho}

whatevs . . .

okay again.

winner in white alert!
zoe saldana nailed it.

never thought i'd cite shaun robinson as a best dressed but i love this color.

gorge.  i heart julie bowen, fellow mama of twins.

dianna agron gets my number 1 award for the night.  i think her look is perfection.

reminds me a bit of my all time fave awards show look.  old-school portman.  

stunning, really.

other non-white/pink faves include
michele williams {totes redeemed herself from the globes}

maya rudolph.  just love-love her hilarious ass.

and emily blunt.  gorge in green!  

but i heart her man even more.  special soft spot for jim from the office. 

i'm sorry i just have to address busy.  was she too busy to go shopping?  ha.  but forrealz.  no comprende.

can't end on that note, can we?  i think i just have one last thing to say-
wasn't it so nice of me to loan sofia vergera my body. . . again.
hope that hot biatch appreciates it!

so what would YOU wear?

miami monday: parkas? no parker. . .

so friend and personal stylist to the local stars, lindsey foley, has ben on me about purchasing a new parker dress for my miami trip.  very. tempting.  as they are adorbs.

at revolve

at shopbop

at piperlime

at revolve
{btw, why is this woman-child so miz?  hungry much?}

at shopbop

at shopbop
you likey? i especially heart the fleurs.

but i have another plan for a dress in miami.  not endorsed by LF.  she's actually mocking my ambition to wear an herve leger.  but i  i figure if i put it in 'writing' to all of you, i'll have to stick to my guns and keep working out {a lil background, the average lifespan of my "working out" regimen is about a week or two.}  i have a little over one month to get this bod ready to channel my inner cheese {can you say KK?}
i'm thinking this one.

rented.  obvs.

stop LOLing.  i'm totes being serious.   
you know what they say. . .when in miami . . .

frenchie friday: rain

i've posted this pic before and i probably will post it again.  i want to be this frenchie today and stay in bed as it is rain rain rainy outside.

but i'm a busy bee because we are having a very special sprinkle for everyone's fave cookie baker this sunday.  good stuff.  can't wait to share the deets.
excited to sprinkle sugar on top with love! {she's going to hate that statement almost as much as frenchie friday}

image via flickr

party mates

i'm all for made-up holidays and today happens to be australia day.  it just so happens that the aussies inspire me on the party front more than any other nationality.  i try not to look at other parties too too much because i like to keep my ideas fresh and original- but every now and then i just have to peek and i cannot help but be inspired by these glorious parties from down under.
{click on party title for more deets}

image by sheila higgins photgraphy

image by laura cioccia

image by centre of attention photography

it reminds me of juney's sip & see because of the garland.

another fave seen on amy atlas - dollhouse party by little big co.

the next few parties are all from boutique affairs and they are TDF!
please click on the party title to see each delish deet.
{ all pics by lee bird photography}

babushka party {i. die.}

i die again.

happy australia day and thank you party mates for the inspiration!