ranunc helps the funk

it's a rather cold & blustery day and not much going on this time of year in terms of flowers on the landscape.
i was sulking my way through the grocery store the other day when i came upon some gorge bunches of ranunculus for 8.99 a pop.  and i had read recently somewhere that people who purchase flowers are some percentage happier than people who spend their money elsewhere {totes botching this statistic but my takeaway told me to buy. obvs.}  
and they do make me happy.

image via Jessica Nichols, Sweet Eventide Photography buy here

oh, also, i've been attempting to exercise lately {NOT my strong suit}
so obvs i'm hungry and this cake caught my eye while i was admiring images of ranunculus. 

image via the knot

and i bet yummy.
now bundle up and go buy some fleurs, people.  lil hoot's orders ;)


Kristen said...

I just was telling T how excited I was to see the gorgeous ranuculas at Crosby's -- loved them!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

LOVE. These are my favorites!!!

Im Spiegel said...

i love the cake!

Erin said...

Love. And it is SO true! Buying yourself flowers is money way better spent than Zoloft and works the same.

Anonymous said...

Cutie face.



Jessica Nichols said...

Thank you for sharing my photograph with your readers (the first one on this post). Per my photo policy, it's okay to blog my photos with credit: Jessica Nichols, Sweet Eventide Photography and here is the link to my shop. Thank you! :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetEventide

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