shelby, drink your juice

my friend lee had me peeing over this link for the greater part of saturday morning.

it is truly hilare and worth a few minutes of your time, i mean, only if you like to laugh.  if you prefer not to laugh, it's not for you.

got me thinking about my upcoming weekend.  i'm working on a very special post and assuming i'm able to figure out w-fi on the acela tomorrow, i can blog while en route to the big apple.  which is where i will meet up with my co-hostess with the mostess of the very specialest double double bebe shower.  so please wish me, and my awkwardly large suitcase full of cake stands and macarons and other delightful treats, luck!

so this is my version of what should we call mom? {above link}


i realize only about 6 people will get this.  {even less if you don't check out the genius link i posted}  explanation tomorrow.

note to self

i want . . .

more hours in the day!

just had a wonderful chat with one of my fave creative gurus, miss lu of chocolate creative design and glitter, glue, & fireflies.  we have some very exciting plans for the evolution of lil hoot and re-branding - holla!  
stay tuned.

anyhoot, the call {which could have lasted about 18 hours longer} makes for a short post.

i also want:


january blues: the SAG awards

appears most everyone got the memo about wearing blue last night.  
sort of like the sprinkle i went to yesterday where 7 of my nearest and dearest were wearing the same pink blouse, myself included. {obvs} 
and speaking of that sprinkle, the guest of honor is carrying the naked person in her belly way better than miss busy.  but props to busy for owning it.  beats wearing sweats for 8 months {ahem, i may have done that . . .}

 some other gals feeling the blues.

and BEST dressed, blue or not, goes to. . . 
the stunning marion cotillard


oh, and hello there.  BC jumps on the navy bandwagon, too.  

frenchie friday: Baby, it's cold outside

i live for stories like this one { via yahoo. }

French bulldog named Baby, left, attends the feeding of wild boar piglets at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. Six little pigs have found a new friend in a maternal French bulldog named Baby. The Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin says Baby took straight to the wild boar piglets when they were brought in Saturday, three days old and shivering from cold. Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm said Wednesday as soon as the furry striped piglets were brought in, Baby ran over and started snuggling them and keeping them warm, even though they're already about her size. He says the piglets' mother was likely killed by a hunter and the litter was found abandoned in a forest. The piglets are being bottlefed right now and should be released to an animal sanctuary when they can feed themselves in about three months. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

i heart Baby!  
george would probably try to eat these poor little orphan piglets.  looloo is not so much a fan of puppies and/or human babies, so she probably wouldn't be cool like Baby either.  so it's decided then, we won't be rescuing any wild boars this weekend.

stay warm and happy weekend!

flash mob thursday?

excuse the rando posts this week but i think the frigid temps may have frozen the right side of my brain. {the left side went during my binge drinking of the 90s.} 
anyhoot, saw this on FB this am and it made me smile.  i sort of worship flash mobs, as corny and trite as that may be, they are right up there with pictures of smushy french bulldog puppies on my happy-meter.  and who hasn't day dreamt of an amazebalz welcome at the airport?  


warm weather wednesday

it is soooooo beyond cold out. womp.  i decided purchasing a warm weather frock for my upcoming florida trips would help matters.  it sort of worked despite the need to be wearing gloves while online shopping!  here's what i came away with.

you likey?
shoshanna is one of my faves and is featured on gilt today!

stay warm . . .xoxo
{PS i truly love signing off with 'x's and 'o's but realize it's loserish because of gossip girl.  sort of don't care today so you can keep my kisses and hugs and hopefully not hear kristen bell narrating while you read}

hooray for lulu DK

huge fan of lulu deKwiatkowski (lulu DK).  her cheerful designs exude warmth and happiness.  would really love to splurge on a couple of her prints for the BGR. 

spying them on one kings lane cheered me up on an effing freezing very cold january day.
hope they make you smile, too.
{head to OKL to view the entire sale}

HBD with love, dr. king

frenchie friday: dog house


 noun \ˈdȯg-ˌhas\

Definition of DOGHOUSE

: a shelter for a dog
: a state of disfavor —often used in the phrase in the doghouse

just sayin'

i meannn, i can't.  i don't have a source for this gloriousness.  which is probably a good thing or else i would go there and steal it. {and it's inhabitants.  obvs}

is it weird that i sort of miss paris?  just a little?

top four poochie palaces available for purchase via best friend's home

a DIY via dog milk

HGTV stowe house.  love.

via houzz
 obvs i will keep my actual dogs in my house. {the horse can sleep in the pink castle in the woods with the westie if he doesn't shape up} 
but love these built-ins for my besties.  
i will use the best in show wallpaper for something at some point.
via osborne & little

happy weekend, everyone!  let's all {ahem, CBC} do our best to stay out of the dog house.

it's a marathon, baby

it's hard to believe it's been almost two whole years since the launch of hoot.  still operating in the red {obvs} and LHH {lil hoot headquarters} has become a dumping ground, for well, everything, instead of the creative oasis I had in mind.
{and martha still hasn't called!  doh.}

luckily, i have a supportive horseface husband who often tells me 'it's not a sprint, it's a marathon'
 i'm also grateful for the inspiring words i come across on pinterest.  but it's time to stop pinning - and time to start cleaning, organizing, and finishing something i started.

you've heard it before and you may quite possibly hear it again- but this saturday i am dedicating to LHH.  and tonight i'm going to attempt to update my facebook page and parties on the blog
i'm just putting it out there so that maybe somebody {myself?} holds me accountable.

in the meantime, here's a few things that lit a fire under my ass, maybe you can benefit from them, too.

via the atelier

via 2013 year of lettering
via tara firma
P. S. martha, today would be a great day to make that call, because i really don't feel like doing any of the things i've talked about in this post. {totes not at all kidding}

wednesday walls: BGR

beds are here.  bedding is adorbs.  windows arrive tomorrow.

now what to put on the walls?  help!

too many fabulous options . . .
stumbled upon some winners on etsy last night.

via merelee made
we are big rihanna fans here {seriously}
 love this

obsessed with song lyrics.  

I walked down the aisle to this

and aunnie ashy walked down the aisle to this

seems we both have rather high opinions of ourselves.  ha!

this is so phoebes

and this is C
via color bee

via handz
via dazey chic

i've been a long time fan of the wheatfield by katie daisy

unfortch, c & p have inherited their mama's messy genes.  CBC calls them little tsunami-ettes, after dubbing me the human tsunami a few years back.
via breedingfancy

via rock the custard

also, love-love this one but not sure it's appopes for the 4 year old room.