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so after hemming and hawing over whether or not to by c & p "real" big girl beds or faux {toddler beds} i decided to buy some toddler beds for a myriad of reasons.  one of which was that i could not find the twin beds that i was looking for.  another being i wasn't sure if they'd be annoying the shiz out of each other in a couple years and want their own rooms.  {highly unlikely given the amount of mischief they are enjoying together currently}

and then, low and behold, a mere two weeks later, my land of nod catalog arrives and it's finally offering the jenny lind twin bed in colors.  wor-ship.

totes j'adore.

i am very happy i didn't purchase them in white like i was considering.  meanwhile, the girls are already quite settled with their jenny lind toddler beds which i am pleased with given the reasonable price tag.   {look lame in pic but obvs i don't have that cheesy bedding on them}

this new offering gives me some time to plan a proper big girl room.  raspberry or azure?  or maybe they'll even offer more colors by the time we are ready to commit.  this is good stuff.  nice work, land of nod.

the catalog had a few other pleasant surprises, too - like this bedding.

notice it has a pink and yellow stripe. . . hmmmm.  wheels are turning.

and these adorbs chairs.



later PBK.



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