party mates

i'm all for made-up holidays and today happens to be australia day.  it just so happens that the aussies inspire me on the party front more than any other nationality.  i try not to look at other parties too too much because i like to keep my ideas fresh and original- but every now and then i just have to peek and i cannot help but be inspired by these glorious parties from down under.
{click on party title for more deets}

image by sheila higgins photgraphy

image by laura cioccia

image by centre of attention photography

it reminds me of juney's sip & see because of the garland.

another fave seen on amy atlas - dollhouse party by little big co.

the next few parties are all from boutique affairs and they are TDF!
please click on the party title to see each delish deet.
{ all pics by lee bird photography}

babushka party {i. die.}

i die again.

happy australia day and thank you party mates for the inspiration!


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

LOVE the ones on the beach Can we do that? :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the images.. I want to keep having parties so I can create all of these!! Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

I must come up for a reason to get you to put together a party for me. Thinking cap on.


Anonymous said...

I want to go to all of these events!!!
LOVE beach and back to school...

Anonymous said...

Great post - we certainly do have a lot of talent here in Oz!

Alison (Alison Lawson Cakes)

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