frenchie friday: hot, hot, hot!

enjoy the beach-weathah this weekend and . . .

image via martha {obvs}

don't forget to hydrate!

hand job

extra! extra!  read all about it!

so last week when i got a call from casting to be in Grown Ups 2,  i naturally assumed they were calling to cast me as salma hayek's hand double.  i meaaan, they did want 25 year old BEAUTIFUL hispanic hands, so, obvs, i had a good shot at this.

the good news: i won't have to uproot my entire family and move to hollywood to be salma's hand model for the next decade or so.
bad news: i didn't get a chance to ask salma for my body back.

{bitch totes stole my body}

on another positive note - my chances of winding up like this creepster lady have been drastically reduced.

i did however get to experience a day in the glorious life of a movie extra, specifically as 'street atmosphere'.  and i'm not gonna lie, i totes nailed it.  i walked down the street with the best of 'em.

i'll spare you all of the gory deets of my 14 hour and 12 minute stint but i'll share just a couple of highlights . . .

at the arrival at base camp at 6:30 am
{cue the 'hooray for hollywood'. . . }

a few of us were told our outfits weren't "walmart" enough and had to head to the wardrobe trailer.

and here i am in extras holding.  there was dry wall and folding chairs, and a lot of  my really enthusiastic 'co-stars'.  {they were actually really great, all things considered}


forreals tho, i did get to meet a lot of fun peeps AND i was in a movie scene with kevin james, adam sandler, chris rock, shaq attack, and david spade.  which was really fun.  {not allowed to post pics from that part.  womp womp.}

and it was quite the departure from my "normal" life.   but normal life seems pretty good today.  observation : i think being in show biz might be exhausting and not so worth it unless you get paid a bazillion dollahs.  {or at least enough to cover the cost of the sitter.  doh!}

it was fun while it lasted.

hey salma, i guess you can borrow my body until august but i'm going to have to get it back before you leave.

love handles

i was spoiled rotten last weekend and about 50,000 calories later, i'm excited to report back.

{altho if you aren't into food - or interested in a play by play of my life in general - this might be a really boring post.  like, uber- boring. i just re-read it and i was really bored and it was about me.}

anyhoot, kicked off the weekend with one of the top ten dining experiences of my lifetime.

craigie on main did not disappoint in any way shape or form.  enjoyed every last bite of the delectable 8 course tasting menu. {and accompanying libations. OBVS.}
if i had to choose a fave it would be the bourbon pecan ice cream tart with bacon chocolate crust and mexican chocolate.  yup, that totes happened to my mouth and i wor-shipped.

“Like a Dinner Party at Home With Close Friends….”

Eat out and feel at home! Chef Tony Maws - winner of the James Beard Award for Best Chef, Northeast - combines French-inspired “nose -to-tail refined rusticity” with  ”no exceptions”  local, seasonal, & organic or natural ingredients. Enjoy the bar (Food & Wine’s ”Top 100 in US”), ”Our Sunday Best Brunch”, and Tasting Menus …Thanks to GQ for naming us #2 (!) in 10 Best New US Restaurants, Food Network for  “Best Breakfast in MA”, Boston Magazine for 2010 “Best Bigtime Chef”  and Boston Globe for one of ”The 10 Most Influential Restaurants” of the decade. We are the third most popular restaurant in Boston, says Zagat and one of the Top 100 Wine Restaurants in the US, says Wine Enthusiast!

next stop - XV beacon to celebrate the anni.


then dirties at mooo . . .

before crossing the street to dine at no. 9 park where i chose the . . .

followed by the. . .

and then the jasper hill farm cheese flight where i became reacquainted with this deliciousness.

then we took the complimentary lexus service from XV beacon {stay here if  you have the opp} to the neil diamond concert.

live. for. neil.
{and a very fitting anniversary activity seeing as i serenaded horseface to 'forever in blue jeans' on our wedding day.}
the spry 71 years young neil dominated the stage with all the classics.

of course we couldn't end the night after neil's 27 encore renditions of sweet caroline.
we headed out to the bars for LW's surprise 30th.  happy happy, LW!

then MORE food - this might be my fave part of XV beacon- they have late night 'zza!

woke up hungovah {obvs} next to my hubs of seven years.  that part made the hangover better.  that part actually makes everything better.
hey horseface, i really like you a lot.
{but please don't bundle my birthday, Christmas and anni gifts ever again.}

oh wait, there's was one more miel on our way out of town {puntastic and delish} - my fave brunch menu item.


special shout-out to mimi who not only birthed the love of my life, but also watched our girlies {one of which became sickie while we were gone} 
BIG thanks.

frenchie friday: 7 years of. . .

chewing up eyeglasses, dolls, toys, forks, books, and whatever else strikes your fancy.
ineffective, yet costly, training.
chasing you in the street as you weave through traffic and almost get run over/give me a heart attack.
medical bills {ahum, one MAJ in particular}
assaulting the mail every day as it comes thru the slot.
scratching up our antique floors.
scaring young children. . . and a fair amount of grown adults while you're at it.
lifting your leg on . . . well, everything {including that nice yoga instructor that stopped to pet you}

7 years of unconditional love for this rascal.

happy birthday to my first born . . .

you're just as handsome and naughty as the day we brought you home.

way to stay true to yourself, old man.
worship.  OBVS.


happy summer! {hours}

so who knew summer would be so exhausting?  i seriously had no intention of instituting summer hours when i signed off last thursday . . .but the the lack of school/sched/and general time-management skillz is totes forcing me into it.

also the never-ending birthday love!  which i am NOT complaining about. {obvs.}

got to celebrate with some of my fave hot mamas on saturday . . .

how lovely are these ladies?  heart them.

they even surprised me with a cake!

best. friends. evah.

and my fab fam and lobstah on sunday {the actual}.

and the celebration continues tonight with a joint partay for my fellow gemini/sister-in-law/bestie LC and I.  holla!

i have a sneaking suspicion one million bottles of rose might be consumed {shhhhhh. . . can you hear it?}, so let's just go ahead and say there's a strong possibility i won't be posting tomorrow.

image via caitlin mcgauley

happy summer, everyone!

stella & dot aftermath

hungovah today from the bush and lc's stella & dot party last night.
i didn't stray far from the delish sangria and was so busy licking the punch bowl that i barely saw the goods!
perusing the site this morning and everything is adorbs.

especially love the lil girly baubles

check it out and buy it thru this link so that heather & lauren continue to feed me free alcohol.

how do you like them apples?

today is a bittersweet day.  i find myself almost as emo as i was when i wrote this post almost 10 months ago.
in september, i told my girls to put on their awesome pants and they did. . . over diapers.
a lot has changed . . . {thank the Lord the diapers part has!}
i feel like i dropped off babies to the fabulous miss jen, miss pam, and miss sophie at seaside nursery school and today i'm picking up little people.

print available at etsy
so i wanted to give a big. huge. THANK YOU to c & p's teachers for so many things - here's just a few:

 wiping more than just noses this year {yikes}
 teaching them their alphabet & numbers & glorious lil songs that make us smile
cultivating their love of art & playtime & friendship
breaking up their wrestling matches over ponchos

but most of all for making our wee ones feel special and loved and strong and smart.

i'm happy it's raining today, maybe no one will notice if i shed a few tears at pick-up.

best. necklace. evah.

i almost wanted to keep this one to myself.  it's pretty much my fave thing evah.  the shell yeah! necklace is not only puntastic and adorbs - it's totes useful!  it's a freaking bottle opener.  genius.
{the biggest secret of all is that it's lilly.  lills really gains some street cred with this one}

those of you who know me know one of my fave expressions is 'hells yeah' {as a joke.  obvs} and that i love to drink.  
so do i die over these?  
shells yeah, i do!

one of my heroes, dana small, carries these at her amaze shoppe, matilda's, in stuart, florida. {see previous matilda's post here} i checked in with dana and these are available for purchase via phone orders. {48 dollah plus shipping}

1 (772) 221-8280


banister bliss

when we first walked through our current home, the first thing i noticed that desperately needed to be fixed was the crap banister.  
here we are, 4 years later, and we are finally addressing the issue.
decided to paint it a high gloss black with white spindles.

iamge via my home ideas
image via decorpad
image via houzz
image via shelter

image via houzz

image via house & home

there's a solid chance the oil based paint fumes will cause me to act more brain dead than i already do, so forgive me if posts are sporadic this week and stay tuned for some before & afters.
my new baby {the runner!} gets installed next week.

AND i finally cleaned LHH.

frenchie friday: stuck on you

so i posted a pic of looloo covered in stickers yesterday on FB and it got more 'likes' than the announcement of the birth of my children, so i figured i'd share on the blog.

i didn't share this pic, however.  these are the pee stains i found on my beloved chaise lounge.  i think it's loo's quiet rebellion against being consistently 'decorated' by c & p.  womp womp.

but how can i stay mad at this bitch?  
hey looloo, i'm stuck on you, sister!