june's welcome sip & see

thrilled to have a feature on amy atlas today.  especially since it was a celebration so very dear to me.  a real life party with heart.

here are a few more pictures of the sip & see by the fabulous meredith nelson of meredith nelson photography.  i've said it before and i'll say it again, meredith is the bestest and i am so lucky to have her in my life as a friend {and to document some special soirees, to boot!}

jayme of jayme marie designs impressed me once again with her beautiful creations and her positively wonderful work ethic and demeanor.

 and as always, sugar on top did not disappoint with her yum yummy cupcakes and perfect in every way cookies.  where did i find all these uber-talented friends?

i used a new vendor for the fondant flowers - she was amazing.  check out lisa's etsy's shoppe, sushiluna.  she truly went above and beyond to match the flowers on the paper goodies precisely.  

it poured cats and dogs the day of the sip & see but that didn't keep anyone away from celebrating the arrival of june, who is already making all of our lives brighter.

so where to start?

jayme designed this invite with a soft pink color palette with the pineapple and flowers.  i wanted the event to be as feminine and summery as possible so this is what we came up. . . 

each glass adorned a personalized label.

we gifted june this pink wagon and dubbed it 'the welcome wagon'.  it's where our generous guests placed their pressies.

guests sipped these pink drinks.

random ceramic pineapple i already owned. {gotta love homegoods}

beautiful mama and baby june.

june's "stats" proudly displayed on the sweets table.

cupcakes by sugar on top with toppers and fondant flowers by sushiluna.

frozen junebugs.
click here for the recipe.  tastes like summer vacation through a straw!

pineapple ice cubes.

our house number by chatham sign shop.  we had this long before baby june graced our lives but i have to admit i didn't know the origin until i researched for this party.

so i decided to display a brief history lesson about the gilded pineapple.
learn something new every day!

it read:

In neighboring salem, massachusetts, about 200 years ago, a ship's captain had just returned from the South Pacific, knocked on the door of a stately mansion on Chestnut Street and presented the owner with an exotic fruit... a pineapple. Gilded pineapple carvings soon appeared on the homes of coastal New England and confirmed that hospitality was to be found within.

the image of the pineapple came to express the sense of welcome, good cheer, human warmth and family affection inherent to gracious home gatherings.

thank you, sweet friends, for joining us to celebrate and welcome baby june.

please enjoy these friendship sweets. {dark chocolate}

learning is extra fun when accompanied by chocolate.

just so happens that harbor sweets are made in salem, where the pineapple tradition originated!

the very necessary fans.  thanks to all the guests for sweating it out in honor of june.

the garland: i'd been lusting after for months, from confetti systems.  it's hanging in c & p's room now.  LOVE.

meredith not only takes awesome pics - she is also the mastermind behind this one-liner.  and for the record,  i consider her an expert on hot mamas- she's one of the hottest ones out there.  forreals.  she looks like cameron diaz.

i set up shop on the changing table {which consequently weighs about 2000 lbs.} special shout out to june's daddy, will, and my supportive hub, CBC, for moving this bad boy. xoxo
i needed to get the 'change' reference in there as miss june is a welcome change from my two precious, albeit wild, nephews.

sugar on top used gold foil liners to bring out the gold in the garland and match the gold foil wrapped chocolates.

jayme used my special lil hoot font to highlight the 'baby-like' words on the food labels.
{i.e. baby, angel, sugar, sweet, and mini}

by the way, the cake was from whole foods for 12 dollars!  i simply added the fondant flowers for a complete custom look.

can you stand it?

proudest aunnie.
{wearing this pineapple top from kate spade.  obvs.}

i like to call this one 'the money shot'. meredith snapped it when the guest of honor arrived.  everything about it gives me the goosebumps.  i love how mommy is holding the outfit change.  it's reminiscent of a wedding day.

oh, and hey junebug- i'm so happy you were born.

laundry room lust

it's a sad day when you find yourself swooning over laundry rooms.
in my defense, these are TDF.
i love-love that they go way beyond functionality and bring in gorge design aspects.
image via brunch at saks
image via house beautiful

image via southern living

image via houzz

image via country home

image via decorista daydreams

image via the decorista

image via better homes & gardens

image via BHG
don't you worry about me though, it's not just laundry rooms i'm lusting after these days. . .
check out riggins' new 'do.

i'd like to fluff and fold taylor kitsch in this particular laundry room.

image via design sponge

totes kidding.
{okay maybe not totally kidding . . .}

i want . . .

but cannot have.  obvi.  {especially on the heels of the recession.  wahwahhh.}

we have a wedding approaching in a few short weeks in woodstock, ny. {yay!} i feel this loveliness is just enough 'hippie' meets '2011 wedding chic.'  okay so not at all hippie but i still think it's perf.
i mean, i wouldn't have to buy a necklace so would save money on that?  you think CBC will go for it?

one of you is going to have to hire me soon to plan a party, dammit.  then i could spend all the profits on gorgeous frocks that i don't need.

you likey or not so much?