MDGG: lindsey foley

time for another MDGG from our fave local stylist, lindsey foley.
lindsey is "all into leather & lace right now"

here are some more items lindsey has her eye on for mom's day.

*adorbs image of lindsey via No. 8 photography

twinkle twinkle, little stars

so i've been working on this post for months. . . literally.  i started it forevs ago and wrote the bulk on the acela to NYC to co-host the double double baby shower in january.  flash forward a few months and i'm back from NYC again . . .  after visiting two beautiful healthy sets of twins, born 9 days apart, in the same hospital, to two of my very best friends {ahem, who also happen to be best friends just in case this wasn't wildly coincidental enough for you}

it would be impossible to sum up my relationship with these two, as one goes back 23 years, and the other 19.  yikes!

first off, depending on how often you've kept up with lil hoot, you may have heard the term "shelbys".  this is the name that 6 of us gals took on about a decade plus a couple years ago.  {no, we aren't mocking diabetics, just 80s melodramas and our obscene drinking habits of the 90s.}

"shelby, drink your juice!" was frequently uttered over cocktails, and we may or may not have shirts, mugs, and other paraphenalia with the same sentiment. . . oh and my personal fave the 'shelby, wipe your face'  napkin holder . . . oh my goodness. . .this is starting to sound ridic.  maybe i skip the explanation and bulk of the history.

i'm no math whiz, and in case you aren't either, that means, that HALF the shelbys are moms of twinkies. . . so far.  {completely coincidentally i might add for you nosy ones out there.  lizzy wasn't even trying for a second quite yet - she already has a handsome two year old- never mind trying for # 2 AND 3, and newlywed jennifer had identical twins, a complete fluke - and she managed to squeeze in two babies before her one year wedding anni.  impressive}

anyhoot, i think it's crazytown.  i'm sparing you the pics from our teens and 20s . . . but here's a glimpse at our last few years together.

my surprise 30th.{ 'surprise' being the key word here and the reason why i don't have any effing make-up on.  whoopsy!}
image by corinna raznikov
i love this pic of the two beautiful mamas taken on our wedding day.

and here they are again in napa . . . ahhh, the good ol's days - now they just wants to take a napa! mah.

and these were taken at the double double shower -  4 babies in there!

so ladies, we've survived boarding school, multiple colleges, running around nyc before cell phones were common practice, a half dozen romps in mee-ah-mee, napa, paris, telluride . . . broken hearts, moving, hangovers, good-byes, health scares . . .
engagements, weddings, hangovers, bridal showers, pregnancies, hangovers, baby showers, bachelorettes, letter parties, marathons, hangovers, bed rest, births, sick kiddos . . .  the list goes on and on.  

and i'm telling your right now, you will survive all these diapers and sleepless nights . . .

so.  here we are.  my people. . . have two little people. . . like i do . . . and i just got to meet them.
after a horrendous week in boston these 4 gave me just what i needed.
they may as well have named these babes hope & promise. {corny but true}

leonard "leo" charles & beatrice grace 


jacqueline elizabeth & catherine mary

i guess i'm so jammed up about this because i know some of what they're in for.  the good, the bad and the ugly.  and i know it's not going to be easy but that every single second is worth it . . . tenfold.

bottom line, i'm so happy for them, and for all of us, too . . . because more people like liz {and john} and jen {and mike} is exactly what the world needs.

frenchie friday : jen huang photography

so i stumbled upon a glorious image of a cake by jen huang on pinterest

. . . minutes later i found this one.

so i did what any crazy dog lady person would do, and sent her an e-mail asking all about the pups and bombarding her with the stunning images of my george & loo by white loft studio while i was at it.  obvs.
lucky for me, these adorbs pups {gatsby & pepper} do belong to jen and she didn't think i was a complete nutjob {well, at least she didn't tell me if she did}.  also lucky for me, this led me to jen's other work.  it is so beautiful and goes way beyond frenchies. 
check out her pinterest page, facebook page and/or blog if you're looking for some eye candy today.
here's a preview.



i can pretty much always be caught drooling over everything my sassy lil sister-in-law, LC, is sporting.  as one of six stylish sisters, she's always in the know and she comes through again with her MDGG this year.  i'm obsessed with the necklace.  what an amazing gift idea for a new mama. . . or say, me.

1. chrystalline hair ties 2. shift dress 3. map necklace 4. swing bag 5. thai lily candle 6. luggage tag

short & sweet, just like LC!

MDGG: anne moore

another fabulous gift guide from the impeccable anne moore.

1. neon navajo Spring/summer means the Jacks come back out! 2. initial necklace Love the Jennifer Meyer initial necklace for a new mom! 3. amber short  OBSESSED with these polka dot scalloped shorts. A must. 4. colorblock clutch 5. fan fringe necklace 6. bongalow breeze Perfect summer clutch 7. cookbook Love this new cookbook 8. espadrille wedges 9. beach towel A personalized towel for those upcoming pool days! 10. lemlem scarf I am a sucker for anything lemlem. So summery!

while we are on the topic of anne - 
we have a very important update on the sail into spring event sponsored by the mother's co-op.  the venue has changed from the EYC tsktsk to tedesco country club.  please make note of the new location and get excited for some fabulous shopping for a great cause!

hello sunshine


MDGG: jayme

it's that time of year again.  mother's day gift guides are underway!
with a heavy heart this morning, i need to focus on celebrating the good in the world, starting with the mamas i love.

how adorbs is jayme?  every one of her designs is just as fresh and sweet as she is.  i adore her and her cheery style.  and we could all use some cheer today.
here are her mom's day picks - she deserves them all, tenfold!

check out jayme's etsy shoppe and blog for some more happy inspiration.  

lil hoot is my lil bubble where life is about pretty things and loveliness all the time, but today i must acknowledge that it's not.  i came across this quote that made me feel a teeny bit better and i hope it does the same for you.


i got to bee-bop around at the black crowes concert last night.

holy 90s flashback.  i remember playing the 'hard to handle' cassingle on a boom box out the window onto the lawn behind north house spring of freshman year at canterbury.   who's with me?

anyhoot, i fully admit that i used to judge adorbs kate hudson.
i just didn't undertand . . .

well, i'd like to state for the record -- kate, i get it, sister.
this little jesus doppleganger is a legit rock star with the voice of an angel.  i was obvs ready to leave horseface in the dust to ride off into the sunset on the tour bus after 5 notes. {and 27 beers}

wouldn't you?


{CR, call me}

nifty gifty: the trinket tray

i'm loving these decoupage trays for gifts.  even though they are totes sort of john derian rip-offs, the quotes make me smile.
buy here
ummm, this was one of my HS yearbook quotes.  SO. effing. screwed. when c & p are teens.

my mom bought me this one for Christmas.

buy here

buy here

buy here
buy here
so, i guess ummm, nobody loves me.  except the gal that works at the vet.  hell, i'll take it!
buy here
oh, liz.
buy here
buy here
buy here
again, with the dogs, i know, but this is my all-time fave quote. as both pups are snoring while keeping my feet cozy right now.  worship.

and i have to end it with mr. big telling it like it is. 
buy here



sail into spring event!

fave guest gift-guider & shopper extraordinaire, anne moore, is working with a wonderful team from the mother's co-op on a fabulous shopping event for charity.

design by the amazing tallow studio

anne shared a few things she has her eye on  . . .

her top picks from kayce hughes and more goodies below from the awesome vendors.

she asked me to do the same.  {obvs she didn't leave all that much for me to choose from that she hadn't discovered already} but i still managed to find some trouble.

and i know this is looking uber-prepster but i prefer to call this "nauti" summer style {besides . . . when in marblehead . . .}

please please support local charity cradles to crayons while shopping {and drinking!} sounds like a win-win-win to me.  see you there.

lilly pulitzer : endless summer

via lilly pulitzer

love "lilly" or not, there is no denying lilly pulitzer is a style icon, who's certainly left her mark.

she has a fascinating story . . . if you don't know it already, read it here. . . now.

besides her iconic prints and inspiring success, i worship her gift for clever marketing.
from her latest 'oh, shift' campaign from some of her earlier puntastic ads, this gal was something else . . . 

Peter Pulitzer with wife Lilly, in Palm Beach, Florida, 1955 (photo by Slim Aarons)

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer by Slim Aarons

1963 - Lilly with her daughters (photograph by Howell Conant)

Lilly Pulitzer with fabric in 1982 Photo from Getty Images, Time & Life Photos, Photographer: Diana Walker

RIP lilly in your jungle in the sky.

thank you for making our world a brighter place!