frenchie friday: sickie

been feeling under the weather this week {will spare you the deets}.  looking forward to a mellow weekend while i'm on the mend.  

I'll take two of these and call you in the morning.

red, striped & blue

'tis the season

1. bikini 2. soludos 3. bracelet 4. maxi 5. chucks 6. earrings 7. clutch 8. tote  9. phone case 10. bangle

bundle boondoggle

in the past i've given horseface a hard time for 'bundling' my birthday and anniversary gifts.  he apparently does not care because he continues to do it.  this year, the birthday-anni-bundled-gift-trip was off to a rocky start when we watched the grey lady disembark from the hy-line terminal . . . without us.  but it was the beginning of our trip not going according to plan, yet going even better than we probably could have planned.  

starting with hopping on the "slow" boat, hy-line style, aka the great point.  has anyone ever been on this?  i'm hesitant to let this secret out, as it's quite a glorious way to get to nantucket.  horseface bought us "first class" tickets {for same cost as the high speed} and even tho the boat ride was twice as long, it was full of couches and table seating, and best of all, like 5 other pax.  it was basically a booze cruise all to ourselves.  no racing for a seat or waiting in line for anything.  recommend.

a few days before we left, CBC had let where we were staying slip {ahem, told me after i asked 750 times}.  the new 76 main.  place looked legit and i was pumped.

adorbs, right?  
one teeny problemo.  it's not open yet.  BUT gracious hoteliers kate & scott called CBC on friday to let them know they had made arrangements on our behalf over at the white elephant residences {at the 76 main rates}.  and they were terribly sorry for the inconvenience.  and by inconvenience they meant THIS:

we thoroughly enjoying basking in the lap of luxury at the white elephant and furthermore can not wait to show our patronage at 76 main when they are ready for us!  huge respect and gratitude for what they did.  thank you!

other highlights of the trip . . . cru . . . for 3 meals {yikes}

can you blame us? 

AND we also had the pleasure of dining at the new restaurant, the proprietors, from the same peeps who brought us American seasons, a fave.

It was only their second night open for business and everything was so yummy.  love-love the atmosphere and cannot wait to go back, and i'm anticipating it will get even better. {horseface and hands were a teeny bit jammed up about the slow service since there was a certain game on but they were great sports . . . no pun intended}

ahhh. . . what else?  we squeezed a lot in and this is getting boring.
a few rando shots below but my piece of shiz phone kept dying.

ventuno back bar, boarding house, space,  rando champers deliveries from new friends, ducklings, straight wharf, sunshine, stubby's, milly & grace, fireflys, juice guys {doug's special smoothie recipe}, brewery, "lunch" from dupree & co., supermoon, island creek oyster fest {doh! may or may not have blacked out had a great time at this event}, qt with brothers meagher . . . all of these activities may explain why i feel like i'm 108 today.  womp.  oh well, always worth it. . . .

and of course the highlight of the trip was time spent with the ash, there's even a teeny bit more of her to love these days.

i haven't loved a bump this much since '08.

oh and big thanks to the bundler for everything.  

frenchie friday : shelby!

3 things i love about this dog:

1. she's an adorbs frenchie.  obvs.
2. her name is shelby! {if you don't know already, read about my bizarro shelby significance here}
3. she came to my attention via a rando new ack friend, and there's few things i love more than rando ack connections.  
{PS headed there today where said friend is buying me a birthday smash.  holla!}

luff.  her.

thank you to danielle klebanow{shelby's auntie} of danielle weddings for the images!

i heart TV.

which is one of the reasons, i'm terribly sad about the passing of James Gandolfini, or as most of us will always remember him, Tony Soprano.

Tony was one of the most complex characters ever created and James Gandolfini was a brilliant actor that nailed it every epi. {right down to the magnetic twinkle in Tony's eye}

the new york times did a great tribute just hours ago . . . read it here.

I don't like watching violence, but I do appreciate excellent writing and unfortch, some of the most well-written programs are dark, and can be downright haunting.  and most feature a protagonist we love to hate and hate to love.

here are my top 5 tortured souls.

1. tony soprano {rest in peace}

2. don draper

3. nicholas brody

4. walter white

5. nate fisher

yikes, that was heavy. . . 

and since this is a happy blog - here are my top 5 that make me smile.

1. jim halpert. OBVS. {and every other office character}

2. phil dunphy

3. doug heffernan

4. alex p. keaton

5. kevin arnold - yes, he was sort of annoying at times, but the nostalgia factor is huge here. 


and of course i love many other shows, and it's not just dudes that are great actors in great roles . . .

obvs worship my sex in the city gals.  fave scene ever?

you know the one i'm talking about.  when big is "late" to meet the girls.  and then shows up.  it takes my breath away.  every. time. . .  still.  such a sucker.

and i think you might know what my favorite show of all time is. . . yup,  i know you've heard it before. . . friday night lights.  but i seriously WORSHIP.  and it boggles my mind that people haven't seen it.  buy the box set here!  it's pretty much the best gift you can every give yourself.  and if you haven't seen it yet-  stop reading this post.


best show ever.  best scene ever.  best line ever.  period.

but one last shout out to james gandolfini and thoughts & prayers to all of those feeling the depths of his loss . . .

we'll never "forget about it!"