SAG happy

so i think the sag fashions blew the globes out of the water.  i have lots of faves!  and i'm actually in a good mood for a monday so don't have anything negative to say except for busy phillips. . . because well, she's just asking for it.

one of my fave games to play with peeps is to ask 'what would you wear to an awards show?'
my stock answer is white because it was such huge big fun to wear white on my wedding day and when else can you wear it, really?  but in reality {you know fake reality} i would go with. . . you guessed it, hot pink.

hennyways, lots o' white last night!

sort of boring but the good wife looks pretty.

a miss for gretchen mol.

is this chick wear the same blah dress as the good wife?

i am totes digging this outfit on rose byrne.  such a risk but i think she pulls it off.  {i'm also heavily involved with her character on damages right now.  ellen parsons does not wear this cool shiz tho}

whatevs . . .

okay again.

winner in white alert!
zoe saldana nailed it.

never thought i'd cite shaun robinson as a best dressed but i love this color.

gorge.  i heart julie bowen, fellow mama of twins.

dianna agron gets my number 1 award for the night.  i think her look is perfection.

reminds me a bit of my all time fave awards show look.  old-school portman.  

stunning, really.

other non-white/pink faves include
michele williams {totes redeemed herself from the globes}

maya rudolph.  just love-love her hilarious ass.

and emily blunt.  gorge in green!  

but i heart her man even more.  special soft spot for jim from the office. 

i'm sorry i just have to address busy.  was she too busy to go shopping?  ha.  but forrealz.  no comprende.

can't end on that note, can we?  i think i just have one last thing to say-
wasn't it so nice of me to loan sofia vergera my body. . . again.
hope that hot biatch appreciates it!

so what would YOU wear?


Shannon said...

well I certainly appreciated seeing Sophia wear that dress cuz I've got those boobs and I would NEVER have chosen it. It looks good on her dead on like in this shot but when she walked up on stage those girls were bouncing all over the place. And I get it, it is hard to stuff {real} big boobs into dresses. The fake ones are so nice to stand up on their own. Just wish my big ass boobs came with the rest of her body ; )

Shannon said...


Clare said...

I cannot agree more - the SAG fashion blew the Globes out of the water. I'm so relieved; I was worried the Globes signaled a boring awards season fashion-wise!

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