miami monday

even though it's been "unseasonably warm"- it's still january.  and january is depresso. 
 the only way i am going to survive this winter is by dreaming of my upcoming florida trips to celebrate one of my fave people evah.  
miss J is getting hitched in may in naples {woohoo!} and the bachey debauchery begins 2 months from TODAY in south beach.

so hopefully i'll be adding a lil somethin-somethin to my wardrobe every week or so to further boost endorphins.  and every monday until then i'll be posting a warm weather find.  like this adorbs milly top on super sale here!
even if you can't escape someplace warm this winter, i truly believe shopping for summer will make you feel better, too.  go on. . . give it a whirl. . . you know you want to.


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