miami monday: parkas? no parker. . .

so friend and personal stylist to the local stars, lindsey foley, has ben on me about purchasing a new parker dress for my miami trip.  very. tempting.  as they are adorbs.

at revolve

at shopbop

at piperlime

at revolve
{btw, why is this woman-child so miz?  hungry much?}

at shopbop

at shopbop
you likey? i especially heart the fleurs.

but i have another plan for a dress in miami.  not endorsed by LF.  she's actually mocking my ambition to wear an herve leger.  but i  i figure if i put it in 'writing' to all of you, i'll have to stick to my guns and keep working out {a lil background, the average lifespan of my "working out" regimen is about a week or two.}  i have a little over one month to get this bod ready to channel my inner cheese {can you say KK?}
i'm thinking this one.

rented.  obvs.

stop LOLing.  i'm totes being serious.   
you know what they say. . .when in miami . . .


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