princess cake!

c & p dubbed her that when we watched the royal wedding in awe along with the rest of the world last spring.

 i think it's pretty safe to say that kate middleton dominated her 20s.
chick is legit.  and it's her big 3-0.  

feel a bit like a creepster stalker at how much i have enjoyed watching this lady strut around in everything from gorgeous evening gowns to wellies.  but i do and i'm pretty sure you do, too.
so here are some highlights. . .

think this is my fave.  yours?

we don't have that much in common except our husbands bear a slight resemblance to one another {did you know one of CBC's nicknames is horseface?  doh! hope he's not reading. . .}

look- here's my horseface on our wedding day.  do you see it?  totes, right?

image via corinna raznikov

sidenote: CBC {aka horseface} has a hot ginge brother, too.  hollah, willis!

love-love that this princess makes her horseface smile as much as his beautiful mama did . . .

STUNNING.  always.

i personally want to wish princess cake a happy birthday.  i know she will continue to impress us all as she enters a new decade.

so happy happy birthday, princess cake!
i'm so glad to have you as a role model for my girlies.  cinderella and belle have nothin' on you, sister.  you are the real deal.
so, wave those 20s goodbye and continue to kick some royal *ss in your 30s!

P.S.  in case you are reading -  thank you, CBC/HF for being my prince.  i really like you, a lot.
and do you think it would be weird if we got these sheets?


lisa said...

great post - love her!

Paige said...

You are ridic! Obviously love the highlights of Princess Cake but love that your hubby also still loves you (hopefully) after the HF comments.

P.S.- I think you and Princess Kate look A LOT a like!

Anonymous said...

brilliant post!!!! made me so happy.

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