BGR {big girl room} luuuuv

so for those of you who haven't checked out kiki's list yet- run don't walk for all the deets on this fabulous bedroom and much much more!  love-love this blog and adore the room krista lovingly designed for her daughter, lou.


lucky lou!

we are rocking a similar color palate in c & p's room.  have been thinking about their new BGR - was going to stick with the color scheme - partially because it wasn't that long ago that CBC painted their ceiling a deep aqua - and largely due to the acquisition of this garland that we bought for baby june's sip & see.  i justified this purchase because i thought i could use in c & p's room for years to come.

{in a rando small world story - Lou's fabulous tinkerbell birthday party was featured on amy atlas the very same day as june's sip & see.}

remember these gorge images meredith took?

well, maybe i should frame one because yesterday while i was professing my love for kate middleton
this happened.

womp womp womp.

and it wasn't george!  it was C.
major BGR setback.
 might leave them in cribs forevah.

anyhoot, i worship Lou's room.  hey krista from kiki's list - you nailed it!  


Anonymous said...

Love everything about this post.


akjennberry said...

Oh, I bet you gave C the stink eye 1/2 the day for that! Luckily she is too cute for words and oh so forgivable!

marisa/peoniesandpuppydogtails said...

Love the rug in your twin's nursery! Where is it from?? Do you have pics of your nursery on your blog anywhere?

Sarah said...

Hi marisa! I don't have pics of the nursery in its entirity. hoping to do a proper shoot of our home in the spring. But the rug was a random find at PB teen if you can believe it! Sadly they don't offer it anymore :(

marisa/peoniesandpuppydogtails said...

wow, I can't believe that was at PB Teen! On a search for the perfect rug for nursery. Thanks! Can't wait to see pics of the home! LOVE your blog!

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