frenchie friday: best. collars. ever.

so when the fabulous meredith nelson of meredith nelson photography agreed to take our family pics - i knew george and loo needed something very special, seeing as they are a big part of the fam.
i was thrilled to stumble upon pecan pie puppies' etsy shoppe. it is glorious. the only problem was what to choose!
so many adorbs options.

check these out.

i meeaaaan, ridic, right?

after swooning over these for hours, ryan helped me settle on a hot pink seersucker bowtie for george {obvi}

and an aqua seersucker collar with fuschia hydrangea for miss loo.


thank you again, meredith and everyone check out pecan pie puppies. the best part is they make these collars to support their dog rescue fund. {they might even be more cray cray than i am about pooches. . . .nahhhhh}

prrrrrrrrrrr. . . .

leopard print + accessories = fun

earmuffs, scarf, jacket, clutch, wedge, rainboot, tote, boot liners, sunglasses, bangle, gloves, ballet flats

the time has come

. . . to fill you in on our halloween tradition.

this is our 6th year hosting a "letter" party, where every guest must come in costume as something that begins with the designated letter, we serve only food and drink that begins with said letter, decor also must be associated with the letter, and so on and so forth.

the first year the letter was "P".
looking back i realize those were much simpler times with only about 25 peeps {mostly NYC imports plus a few randos from the dog park}, some pigs in a blanket - both literally and figuratively- and alotta PBRs.
{i also realize i should have changed the heinous window treatments and lighting fixtures straight away but we had only moved to the 'burbs about 3 weeks prior}

looks like the following "P"s made an appearance:
pigs in a blanket
power ranger
peony {my adorbs ma in her homemade costume!}
punky brewster {lc nailed it!}
patrick swayze {circa roadhouse. obvi}
pink lady
pizza guy
richard petty {this is cheating, btw. has to be FIRST name that starts with letter}
pregnant nun {pregnant nuns love jell-o shots}
colin powell {another cheater}
partly cloudy and partly sunny {reigning champ}
punk rocker
princess leia {getting frisky with a piggy}
and look at my puppy george as a prisoner . . . ahhh, the memories.

clearly, this was before i was a complete party planning lunatic. if i could do it all again, there would be a wholotta pink goin' on . . . and i would maybe be pinkalicious herself . . . or princess kate middleton . . . or a pickle. c & p would love-love any/all of the above. but it's past their bedtime anyway.

over the last seven years, the party has taken on a life of it's own. and over the next few weeks, you'll be privy to the transformation. . .
the plan is to show you a party from years past every wednesday. . . UNTIL we get to the 2011 G party.

so what would you have been to the "P" party?

a reminder. . .

i always want lil hoot to be a happy place but cannot stop thinking about some peeps having a rough go of things right now . . .
sending love and positive thoughts.

monday must-sees

awesome. weekend.
celebrated lindsey foley with friends on friday.
gramps' 90TH{!!} with family on saturday and my own precious foursome at life is good festival on sunday. going to get deep on this later- stay tuned . . .

for now a few must-sees!

amazebalz blog shared with me by the fabulous K-Mac of Tallow Studio. I've mentioned Katharine before because her work is beyond inspiring. she's one talented gal with apparently quite the sense of humor, to boot.
a blog written from the perspective of suri cruise.

suri's burnbook

gone "glamping" {glamorous camping} party on hostess with mostess last week. we all know how i love a good pun, made up words really make me smile.

hey, elissa from one stone events, you nailed it!

since i'm planning to get personal today, may as well start laying it all out there. the perfect end to a perfect weekend was coming home to a beautiful slideshow by the one and only meredith nelson photography. worship meredith {obvs.}
i cherish my family more than anything so these images are more than just pictures to hang on the wall.
they are my happiness. {corny but true.}

without further ado. . .the slideshow.

frenchie friday: so looloo

i love when stores i love carry weird frenchie shiz. makes me feel like a bit less of a psycho for worshiping my pups so much.
check out this adorbs note pad from paper source.

so miss loo!

a gray day. . .

that could use a lil pink!

worship this idea from apartment therapy.

and not quite as exciting as the purty rooms but a pic of my new kicks.

images via domino, lonny, house & home, house to home