champers debate

so i'm a busy bee with final touches for the ash's cocktail hour-shower this weekend.
cannot wait to share the deets {as i have some A-team members collaborating with me on this one.}

slight hiccup when j-nice {my mom/ co-hostess} decided to put the kibosh on my veuve rose order.

what. a.  
. . . delightful person she is.  forreals. 
mom, you may have a point that not everyone needs to sip 'the good stuff' but you took it a bit too far with your  'i don't know who you think you are . . .' comment.
i mean- yikes - it's not like i ordered 18 cases of pierre-jouet {which would have totes matched our color scheme} and BTW: the ash is only getting hitched once . . . 

anyhoot, we settled for chandon.  

and lots of it.

p.s. ashy, you and i are obvs drinking pink veuve.  i think we should even share with j-nice.  love both you, sissies.  xo

wedding wednesday: rain rain don't go away. . .?

about 8 years ago when i visited corinna raznikov's studio to talk about her potentially shooting our wedding, she first showed us a "rain wedding"album.
i fell so in love with the pics i was almost hoping it would rain! {we had glorious weather and i am grateful for that} but the point was her showing me how beautiful pics could be made me a lot less anxious about it raining on our wedding day.  i even had the band ready to play eddie rabbit's " i love a rainy night" as our first dance.  ha.
here are those pics she showed me so many years ago.
wedding was shot 6.10.2002 - almost a decade ago. . . 
enjoy these timeless shots from the emma willard school in albany, ny.

{and forever grateful to corinna for our sunny wedding pics.  worship.  obvs}

tibi time

feeling fortunate that i stumbled upon the tibi sample sale this past weekend.


love this color.

i worship this printed dress.  have a vision of wearing this at ash's rehearsal.  the color combo i want is sold out. . . so not sure if she'll ever be mine but time will tell.

the good news is that this beauty shipped this morning.  the plan is to wear it to the ball.  i don't love it quite as much as last year's dress . . .

but it was on ridic sale so i couldn't resist.  
do you love-love or not so much?

frenchie friday: patriotic pooches

happy memorial day weekend!
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy but don't forget to remember.
image via martha {obvs}

i totes have baggage {obvs}

exhausted from celeb-stalking for the majority of the day.  {apparently stalking is a full-time job}
they were shooting in sugar on top's backyard so i shamelessly showed up on set at 8 am with george & loo in tow,  as well as C & P.  the crew loved the pups and adam sandler totes gave g & loo the nod.

anyhoot, now having some downtime {i.e. online shopping}

jonathan adler on OKL today.

puntastic. {and true}

calypso also having ridic sale.


maybe the movie stars will notice me if i wear really high shoes.  
or get another frenchie. . . hmmmm. . . .
what, me? delusional?  obvs.

lulu & bunny

i. die.
over these 4 year old twinkies.  and their names. {OBVS}
 their convo skills remind me of two other lil munkies i know.
also love-ing their digs.
enjoy this charming interview via house beautiful

my cup runneth over. . .

with beer, tequila, and an extra shot of nostalgia.

my sister-in-law walked across the same platform to receive her degree from my alma mater a mere 13 years after i did.  {she didn't get to make a pit stop to smooch johnjohn but we can't all be so lucky}
it was so spesh to be back in c-town, on campus, and in a random off-campus apartment for late-night. {obvs}
the WAC is a legit unique experience tucked away in a gorgeous part of this country and i'm feeling grateful for having attended {and survived} and i'm also very proud of lil J - holla!

frenchie friday: shades

such gorge weather on tap this weekend . . .
even frenchies need their shades.

all the m'head gals are headed to ack winefest.  have fun ladies!  do me proud.

we are going to my alma mater for CBC's sis's graduation.  congrats, JAK!

wherever you are headed this weekend - have fun and be safe . . . 

not so grown-up about movie stars

not gonna lie.
i'm pretty excited about these characters strolling the streets of marblehead.

filming starts next week.  blogging might be sporadic while i wander about town attempting to get 'discovered'.  surely they need a couple frenchie mugs in this flick.

george & looloo are ready for their close-up!  

click here for next week's filming schedule.

oh, and hopefully salma hayek is ready to give me my body back.

{bitch totes stole my body}

the name game

i heart baby names.  i've been obsessed with them as long as I can remember and now it's pretty much the only reason i would ever have a 3rd child.  {which i know isn't reason enough!} but i still love chatting about names.  and the day the "list" from social security is announced is a bit like Christmas morning for me.  merry Christmas to me!

here are the top 10 for 2011.  what do you think?  
{check out the top 1000 here}
names are sooooo subjective and i try very hard never to judge.  {this is after i've put my foot in my mouth far too many times, mind you.  obvs}
  so unless someone does something outlandish -ahem, jermajesty- i try to keep my lips sealed.

i personally like my girls' names being out of the top ten.  charlotte has crept up another twenty spots to # 27 but phoebe is still only # 310. ideally i'd like both names to fall somewhere in between but whatevs.  still totes love both names.  once you name your wee ones, that is their name and you will love it even more because it's well. . . them.

if you are preggers or know someone that is or are just a name-worshiper like moi- 
the baby name wizard is the best.  name.  book.  evah.  my former and bestest boss lady {HC!} told me about it and now it's a go-to gift for expectant mamas.
buy it here 

or head to the website.


my 3 fave princesses

so many v. exciting things to share about my weekend but since i'm still recovering i'll just let you in on something that made me swoon this am.  

princess cake, notorious for her long lovely locks, finally wore her hair up!

annnnd. . . .

nailed it.  


horsey totes approves.


we had more than our fair share of bobby pins, hair gel and spray in this neck of the woods on saturday.  i just have to share a quick shot of c & p's slightly less elaborate "dos" for their recital.

and this is before the tiaras . . .
to say mommy was a bit emo is an understatement.

holla . . .

saturday, i'm gonna whistle . . .

this rainy weather makes me want to stay home and hunker down. . . and not emerge until saturday.
which is when c & p have their first dance recital.  I. DIE.  like i seriously might.  it's to the goodship lollipop and i truly can't handle it.  assuming we all survive the show, horsey and i have a fun date planned afterward - the edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros concert.

who doesn't love the song {and concept} 'home is wherever i'm with you'?
{they have other good ones, too.  obvs}

it's actually become a bit overdone but whatevs i still worship.  if it's not enough to have it stuck in your head from every other commercial, etc. - do an etsy search for posters so you can see it written on your wall.  here a couple of my faves.

this one is framed and hanging above our bed.

love this one, too.

this one is adorbs, too.

is it wrong that i secretly wish i was going to see jorge & alexa sing?
this is one of the only cures for the post-wedding/rainy day blues.  
 goosebumps . . .obvs.
"someday, i'm gonna whistle"
i. die.

off the cuff

seeing as i'm still not recovered from the wedding, i feel like i can't do it justice with a post quite yet.  stay tuned for next week's wedding wednesday: naples edition.

and i actually need to get my act together on the mum's day gift front.  stumbled upon these beauties from wimberly inc on pinterest.  offered in so many fab color/motif combos and priced at forty-four dollars - they are the perf pressie for all the mamas in your life.  I suggest you accompany them with a sweet note . . . the puntastic possibilities are endless.

dear mom,

i'll never forget everything you've done for me.
i'm so lucky to have you for a mom.

thank you for being my anchor.

i lucked out when i got you for a mom.

you'll always bee my number 1.

sorry for all the times i was crabby.

and my personal fave. . . 
whoooooo's the best mom evah?