worship this image via the burgue baby's adventures in chalk series.  {genius!}

i've been a bit nostalgic as the last time the summer olympics aired there were more flips and kicks in my tummy than on the floor mats or the swimming pool.

enjoy enjoy this excitement that rolls around every 4 years.

frenchie friday: naptime

looks like my tough little dude has decided to embrace his sensitive side on this gloomy day.

totes hijacked c's chair.

happy weekend everyone!


draper.  obvs.
this is lil hoot's new motto.
via minding shop 
and if john hamm wants to stop by and discuss, then so be it.

wedding wednesday: something bleu

the ash had her first fitting today and "the one" was even better than we remembered when we chose her in february.  
stunning, really.
like. . . i almost cannot even deal. 
i can't share pics of her just yet {except for the 25 of you i already texted} but she's worth the wait!

i also caught a glimpse of the wedding shoes.  i had helped pick them out {obvs} at my fave online wedding boutique, BHLDN

ladies and gents, meet the feather trimmed d'Orsays by something bleu . . .

totes have beach wedding written all over them.  ha.  the ash obvs do not care. 

 i already knew they were gorge but what i didn't know was that they have these precious blue crystals embedded in the soles.  {hence the name?}

image via sandra

how. presh.

HBD, june-bug!

can you believe the lil june-bug turned one?!
{seems like we just welcomed her with her sip & see yesterday}

amy atlas was kind enough to post some of the deets on friday.

my fave being the hair clip favors.  adorbs {if i do say so myself}

jayme marie designs created such darling paper goods for the party.  jayme truly never ceases to amaze me with her talent and adorable aesthetic.  she incorporated some of the same elements from june's welcome sip & see for continuity while making everything fresh for her milestone birthday!

big thanks to shannon from no. 8 photography for snapping a few pics of a very half-assed dessert table at the last minute while getting rained on.  {we were waiting for the fedex dude to deliver a few more sweets  - they arrived after the party started.  obvs.  and ahum, my favorite sister in law forgot to order a couple of things.  love you, sissy. xoxo } 
anyhoot, shannon is crushing it as the area's most up and coming food photographer and we were thrilled she popped over and grabbed some great shots despite the raindrops.

thank goodness these beauties from the art of cookies arrived.  they were just as yummy as they were precious.  love-love!

oh, and speaking of precious, there's the guest of honor . . .


we love you, we love you not, WE LOVE YOU, june-bug!

frenchie friday: land of nod your head yes . . .

was thrilled to come across this lil guy in the new catalog from my first {and only. obvs.} sponsor, land of nod.

became increasingly excited as i turned every page.  LOVE love it all!  
c & p are beginning to look a bit awk in their toddler beds so the time is coming soon for the real deal version of big girl beds and that means decorating a/multiple BGR{s}!
i'm waiting to see if they want their own rooms or not.  so far one does, one doesn't.  hmph.
anyhoot, here are some of my front runners.

sherbert stripes bedding

in the mix bedding

petit chateau bedding
here are princess p's picks.

fade to pink bedding
tulle and the gang bedding
{while i appreciate the puntastic name- that is not happening under this roof}

and c's choice.  obvs.

yellow animales bedding
chick still worships yellow.

if they decide to be roomies for another few years i think i'll stick with my original . . .

watermelon stripe {seedless}
it's fun and cheerful, like them.
{unless i'm going all MD on them like the greater part of last week's heat wave}

yes, please: stronger

as you may have caught on by now i'm obsessed with elva fields necklaces.  she continues to amaze with this latest batch of one of a kind summer loves.

want. this. now.

need the compact to touch up my foul hot sweaty dewey glowing skin this weekend at the pool party!

also worship the name.  obvs.

stronger than she looks.  holla! {i'm totes not.  obvs}

growing gourmands

odd fact about me: i never liked sandwiches growing up and my poor ma had a heck of a time packing me a lunch.  it was cheese & crackers for me for like 10 years. {obvs still love cheese & crackers}
i'm trying to sell my girls on a pb&j like the other kiddos but they are seeing right through me.
to much of CBC's dismay, they are developing their mom's "weird mediterranean eating habits".
lots of yumminess like this recipe from the july/august house beautiful.

who wants to come over for lunch?


so i haven't done a wedding post in quite some time. . . {ahem, or any post for that matter}  
i've been a busy bee and summer is going by too fast, per ushe.
the ash's big day is fast approaching and i could not fathom being more excited for anything.  i think i need to pre-order my anti-depressants now for when this shindig is over. {or hey horse-face, please book our second honeymoon!}
i am beyond excited to head to my fave place on the planet this weekend to do a walk-thru of the ash's wedding venue: the jetties!
longwood events has taken over the sea shanty and named it nantucket beach club.
ash and the hands are the guinea pigs . . .

and not afraid.

 at all. . .
 i hope this gal is standing there with the tray of wine when i do the walk-thru this weekend. . . or let's just go ahead and make that a tray of firefly & waters.  holla!
 can't think of a more perf place for the ash & hands to tie the knot.  they LOVE love the beach and this is quintessential beach nantucket.

also on the agenda - din at the straight wharf, where the rehearsal din will be held.

worship STW.  need to try and not be OOC so i don't vomit on the jetties.  i digress.

my fave blogger julie of shelter has been filling us in on what she packs for ack.  {she's there now and we will literally be ships passing tomorrow.  womp}
 jules has phenom style {obvs} so i adore these posts.  

i was inspired to create a board of what i want to magically appear in my bag because i despise packing.

happy happy summer weekend - enjoy it wherever you are. . . 

boom boom boom

even brighter than the moon moon moon

4th of july in marblehead is just . . . 
words can't do it justice, but Eyal Oren of Wednesdays in Marblehead certainly does right by it with his stunning images.  do yourself a favor and become a fan of Eyal's facebook page and blog.  if you live in the marble, you'll love seeing our special town through this lense.  if you don't, you might end up hating me just a little bit because i get to live here {and watch the fireworks from one of those boats in the harbor.  holla!} and i totes won't blame you.  obvs.

p.s. please remind me of this post in february

red, white & last minute

the 4th totes snuck up on me this year . . . 
will be a looney-tune today scrambling with nancy-pants and co. to throw our horribles parade act together.  nancy-pants keeps saying it will be 'home-grown' which i'm pretty sure is code for 'last minute embarrassing hot mess'.  either way we plan on sufficiently torturing our kids again this year.  obvs.
any guesses as to our 'theme'?

anyhoot- haven't even decorated the house yet and was thrilled to come across these easy peasy ideas at good housekeeping of all places. {omg - when did i turn a hundred?!}

{yes, that's a dishtowel holding the hydrangea}
these cupcakes look much more approachable than martha's flag cake.
watermelon & blue cheese in a cup, you say?  yup, can totes handle that, too.
and i can obvs glue ribbon to shiz.  yay.  done.

and a few free printables i heart . . .

i scream, you scream, we all scream for . . . 

and my fave evah for free printables - twig & thistle - offers this adorbsness.

couldn't have said it better myself.  light it up, people!  
and cheers. . . 
happy happy week-long 4th celebration to YOU.

camp kick-off

first day of camp and we need these.

waterproof, shock absorbent and germproof.  {because you just never know what the gorgeous gals over at camp cast-off are up to}
oh, and they come in pink & yellow.