laundry room lust

it's a sad day when you find yourself swooning over laundry rooms.
in my defense, these are TDF.
i love-love that they go way beyond functionality and bring in gorge design aspects.
image via brunch at saks
image via house beautiful

image via southern living

image via houzz

image via country home

image via decorista daydreams

image via the decorista

image via better homes & gardens

image via BHG
don't you worry about me though, it's not just laundry rooms i'm lusting after these days. . .
check out riggins' new 'do.

i'd like to fluff and fold taylor kitsch in this particular laundry room.

image via design sponge

totes kidding.
{okay maybe not totally kidding . . .}


Anonymous said...

Love the one with the TV...

petits sucrés said...

I would DEFINITELY do the laundry in any one of these rooms. Also, Riggins.

That's right, I said it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Meg' you ever play on I'm obsessed with using their site for my laundry room and closet rennovation ideas.

akjennberry said...

I think it is a sad day when you need more than one washer! lol

Paige (Paiges of Style) said...

Can I move into the second one you posted? DYING!

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