good frenchie friday

cannot believe i forgot to post this yesterday.  i must have been busy not eating meat and repenting or definitely not either of those things something.  anyhoot, my most amazing meredith nelson took this pic a couple years back.  looloo wasn't supposed to be part of the shoot but then we slapped some ears on her and she started eating carrots so ummmm, how could meredith not start snapping away?

and i know you're all probably going to want to give props to C's very special haircut.  thank you for that.

hoppy easter, peeps!

new nashville

there was a new nashville on last night.  no worries this is not a spoiler!
by now you should know about my riggins and FNL obsession.  WORSHIP.  and would honestly vote for tammi taylor for president.  obvs.  and now my precious tammi is the star of nashville. nashville brings me a happiness that nothing else can right now.  i want to BE rayna james.  

like i seriously want to move to nashville and be married to gross teddy and in love with deacon.  one of these is already the case, so the rest should fall into place. 

LOVE this man.

for those of you who haven't watched yet, pre-order your season 1 here.  and most definitely get yourself the soundtrack.  

it's amaze.  forrealls.  i gave 11 of them out for Christmas.

since i don't live in nashville {yet!} i can't get away with too much western gear.  i do rock the frye carson boot in the fall and spring. . . which is now.  holla!

but when i'm jamming out to my n'ville soundtrack or country 92.5 i wish the easter bunny would kick it up a notch and bring me these.

or even these. {on sale!}

have a good day, y'all.  {ugh, soooo doesn't work coming from me.}

the gale

i've been traveling to south beach for over a decade. {holy. shiz. i'm old} 
i used to hit up mango's and the clevelander and stay at the marriott and eat every meal at the big pink.  ha!  {i obvs still eat at the big pink at least once a trip} but my restaurant and nightlife choices have matured a bit {since i'm old}.  on my most recent trip last month with the ash we discovered the gale.

 ate din at dolce. it was delish and didn't leave us famished like the molecular gastronomy BS at the SLS.  {where we dined the previous night and had to stop at sbarro on the way home.  foul. but i admit the SLS is pretty ridic for people watching}

after din we headed to the regent cocktail club for about one million cocktails.

case & point.

then onto the rec room, modeled after a 70s basement. they only let about 2 hundo people in, unlike the other cray ginorm clubs in miami.  and they played the mostest funnest music evah {i think}.  holla!

okay so this place was totes my scene.  one stop shopping and old school good times, of course i had the best company, so that helped.  {until i had to carry her around like a little stuffed animal at the end of the night.  doh!}

highly recommend to all you peeps headed south this spring.  i know of a certain gorge bride-to-be and her bishes headed to sobe for some bachey debauchery.   have fun,  ladies! xoxo

the name game: part deux

so you might know by now that i'm obsessed with baby names.  {if not, read all about it here}

i cannot stress enough how much i want to name another baby and announce it on FB.  i don't, however, want to get pregnant, be pregnant, deliver the baby {obvs}, or raise the baby. SO, that being said, i'm not going to have another child.  but maybe i should get to name a pretend baby once in awhile?  wouldn't that be certifiable fun?  when should my pretend baby be born so i can name him/her?  i digress. . .

anyhoot, slowwwwly getting to the point.  we do have something else to name these days - CBC is getting a boat.  he claims this will make his life complete. {oh, to be a dude. . . } 
 marblehead is an amaze seaside harbor town, so i guess i'm warming up to the idea to having one, too.  and images of a full harbor in all it's summer glory are getting me through this long-assed winter/spring hybrid seasonal mess. {thank you wednesdays in MHD}

i think naming a boat is way harder than a baby.  ahem, #whitegirlproblems  
CBC does not like any names i come up with!  he has rejected sea horse {genius! courtesy of the bob}, wild horseface, and bass monkey.  furious.  

so i ask of you, my audience, what should horseface name his new baby?  he likes the idea of a song title {fave band being stones, hence wild horseface} or we like the idea of incorporating the girls somehow -  help!  what would you name a boat or this boat if you were us?  here's the very limited information i have - it's blue and it's a fishing boat.

since my other genius names were rejected, my current front runner is:
 Blue Sky 
boat is blue and love the allman brothers song. 
aaaand now it's stuck in your head.  hope you likey!

second choice:
 Double Trouble  
obvious C & P reference, and perhaps not so obvious reference to the best sitcom evah.

remember the crazy hijinx allison and kate would get themselves into?  worship.

okay so help please!
and don't forget to decide when my fake baby is due.

need me some spring . . .

1. idiom bracelet 2. scarf with pom-poms 3. citizens crop jean {btw, i already have these jeans and they are amaze.  super-soft and the perfect crop} 4. tippi sweater in candy stripe 5. barbour vintage pearl quilt jacket 6. stripe studs 7. TB jelly bow ballet flat {rubber!  for the muddy playgrounds after the snow melts. . .it WILL melt. right?}

okay, so i'm with you, it's still effing freezing a tad on the chilly side BUT that doesn't mean we can't dress the part!  here's some somewhat practical items on my spring wishlist to get me in the spirit and keep me warm at the same time.  the birds are chirping people.  it's happening.  it canNOT snow forever!  right?

frenchie friday: pop a wheelie

not much of a post today because i'm bringing my georgey to the vet.  he's not himself.  he's sort of behaving.  i think his leg is bothering him?  womp.  wish us luck and hope he doesn't wind up on wheels!

image via

let's flamingle!

i mentioned my fave store evah, matilda's in stuart, florida, yesterday.  i've also mentioned it here with the link to owner, dana small's, glorious home featured in coastal living.  dana does a ridic job with styling her shoppe, and her home {worship!} so i shouldn't have been surprised when guest gift guider, anne moore, sent me this link to dana's lady's luncheon, let's flamingle!  puntastic!  so it seems she dominates party planning, too . . . . this is one impressive gal . . . see for yourself . . . .

 hoot is humbled!  obvs.

not sure i could get away with a flamingo print but love these for the wee ones.

1. cassie tee 2. flamingo tee 3. baby shift dress

bla bla bla. . .

you're probably sick of hearing me talk about blabla dolls by now - but i just love them and think they make the perfect easter basket stuffers!  C & P received their first of these adorbs dollies from gammy {CBC's g-ma} before they born . . . lulu flower and mermaid.  swoon.  lulu and mermaid have since been discontinued {womp.} but look at all these other fine specimen up for grabs. . .

and could you imagine really spoiling your babes with a ginorm
pierre the bunny giant {also avail in normal size pierre the bunny}
fleur the bunny giant {also avail in normal size fleur the bunny}


here are some pics of c & p growing up with these fabulous blablas by their sides.

lulu watched over C in the NICU for 22 days.  look how tiny she was {that's my hand and i don't have man hands. obvs}
C gives lulu a nibble at 4 months.
i forgot my little waifs ever had those delicious rolls!
happy 8 monthers!
P sleeping with some of the troops last year
the girls with mimi & i at our fave blabla store- matilda's in stuart, florida
how cute is mimi?!

and here's the rest of the gang on this morning's unmade bed in the BGR.
unfortch, i had to fetch these guys out from under the bed as the giant minnie and mickey stuffed animals have snagged pole position at bedtime.  womp.

i wish i had thought to have this adorbs blabla themed 1st birthday party that was featured on hostess with the mostess.

click here for more adorbs images from portraits by lucinda and full deets on HWTM.

happy spring and happy basket filling!