frenchie friday: hot dogs

it's before noon on friday in may and george & loo are down for the count.  our house is hot.  {i'm just going to go ahead and add central air to the birthday list . . . obvs}

we'd all rather be at the beach with this munky.
origin unknown
enjoy this unseasonably warm weather--
happy happy weekend!

lobstah love

'tis the season!

1. blouse 2. bibs 3. lobster pot {who remembers this old school lobster pot?} 4. dress 5. wine tote 6. sweater 7. phone case {need} 8. heart sweater {HB had this beauty on last weekend}

even tho lobstah has become a bit of a new england cliche - i still worship.

almost 8 years ago, CBC and i had a clambake rehearsal dinner on our fave place evah. {also the new boat name!}

we were babies.  
the picture is faded but the love for my horseface has not.


short post today as i managed to squeeze in a pedi this am {priorities!}
 i was a little too reliant on the rainy forecast last week and i'm surprised my toes didn't get kicked out of the parties i attended the last couple of sunny days for being utterly offensive.

anyhoot, in an ideal world, i would have been lounging here and getting this nauti pedi.

{feet pics are gross, i know}

the next best thing was top nail and essie pansy.

i love lucky's guide to summer polish based on shoe color here.

 and for all you brides, maids and wedding guests . . .
martha's guide is great, too!

{my wedding piggies}

via corinna raznikov
what's your go-to pedi color?

merry merry mixers!

friend & stylist lindsey foley is on the committee of a phenomenal local charity, merry mixers, whose cause hits very close to home.

 i get choked up just thinking about the 22 days my C spent in the NICU.  i'm ashamed to admit, the hour long commute to see my little C didn't happen every day as I had the other peanut at home.   looking back, this just breaks my heart, as i can't imagine a day without "a charlotte hug" {unless i'm on ack drinking cocktails.  obvs}
point being, i knew she was in excellent hands but the opportunity for her to receive the care she needed at our local hospital would have been welcomed.

 this is the first pic ever taken with me holding both my babes together.  they were over two weeks old.  {we brought P in for a field trip}

this is getting heavy for a friday! {shouldn't i be posting pics of puppies and shiz?} 
anyhoot, the time in the NICU was a blip on the radar and a small price to pay for my two healthy and happy girls. 

 this pic was taken yesterday in grandpa's yard.  {round 245 of ring around the rosie.}

 i feel so indebted to the nurses and doctors that cared for my sweet C when I couldn't provide what she needed and I'm SO excited to support merry mixers!

"Sixty two years ago, a group of local women started the Merry Mixers, Friends of the North Shore Children’s Hospital, a non-profit organization designed with one sole purpose: to support and raise funds for this hospital that has cared for our children for the past 100 years. While the faces have changed over time, our goal remains steadfast. Funds raised by the Merry Mixers go directly to patient care services and the purchasing of critical medical equipment, enabling the Doctors and Nurses to provide first-class care to all patients.
The Merry Mixers has donated over $650,000 in just the last twenty years…something we are extremely proud of!  This year, the Mixers are embarking on their most exciting and challenging fundraising endeavor to date.  We are setting out to raise $200,000 in three years.  These funds will be utilized for the finishing touches after the expansion and renovation of the Special Care Nursery and for updates to the inpatient Pediatric Unit.
The project will include doubling the size of the Special Care Nursery to accommodate 12 high-risk infants, and their families.  The new floor plan includes space for mothers to sleep next to their babies, a family waiting room, a private bathroom and shower.  In addition, the nursery will include technological enhancements to ensure the highest level of care."

they are having a big event next weekend and i'm so happy to join in the fun this year!  they have amaze auction items and local band, better than nothing {how great is that name?} 

please please come support the cause and buy your tix HERE for June 1st

lindsey also shared some outfit ideas - because isn't getting dolled up half the fun?

option #1

option #2

option # 3

hope to see you there!

bauble bomb

have some recently freed up dresser space since we mounted the TV in our bedroom.  it currently looks like a bomb went off in clare's accessories but i desperately want to come up with the perfect jewelry display.  

you might recognize this piggy from my mum's day gift guide.  he doesn't live with me yet but i must have him and he needs to wear my necklaces.  luckily i have a birthday and an anni on the horizon. {ahem, horseface get on that}

via SMP
also love the ikat bowls for baubles.  and love mixing them with cute dishes/trays.
this is sorta cheese {the colors. obvs} but also cute gift - can customize the name and initial.  and whaddya know- there's my pink ring!

via caitlyn mcgauley
via matchbook mag
via lucky

via the short and the sweet of it

i dig this bracelet holder and ring holder from PB.  could be cute with a mix of other cool vestles, like the piggy, g-dammit.

via lonny

despise when i can't find a source on pinterest but love-love this idea so must share.  i'm always so sad to toss my used pretty candles.  

oh. . .hi.


and i'll just leave you with this.  OMFG.

via the coveteur
stay tuned, i'm sure i'll have this worked out in the next decade or so.  since i'm a hot effing mess super organized.  but something needs to change soon because accusing the cleaning lady of stealing every time i can't find my shiz is going over like a lead balloon.

campy camp camp

cannot believe it's almost memorial day weekend.  C & P start their first official season of summer camp soon and require "whites".  i die.

1. roll socks 2. skort  3. crew socks 4. pique polo 5. polo dress {only 8.99!} 6. tank

hopefully what i work out for them with wardrobe will compensate for their inherent poor coordination.

ACK winefest: love, loss, and what i wore

the gaggle of marblehead mamas that went to winefest, the glorious 15 gardner street and all of its trappings, STW, firefly & waters, julie shelter reunion, the fast ferry, stalking elin hildebrand at the box, egg sammys from stubbie's, my beautiful ash, free jerry t-shirts, team meagher, club car sing-a-longs, milly & grace, the pharmacist, the weakest link, cuzzies, the st. germaine table, and oh well, just about everything about nantucket in general.  worship.

brain cells, probably some dignity at some point {par for the course}, my mostest specialest necklace evah which was later found by new top 5 status the bob! a lot of mulah, waistline, eyeglasses, voice

what i wore:

1. jacket 2. necklace 3. top {contact best store evah milly & grace for this parker beauty} 4. earrings 5. sunglasses 6. clutch 7. wedges 8. jeans 9. bracelet

thanks again to HB for being such a fabulous cruise director!  and to my bunk mates for tolerating the rants of the obliterated elephant.  i despise you biatches! {in the most loving way possible of course}
SB, JB, MN, & MF we missed you.


frenchie friday: ack bound

i'm feeling a little guilty leaving my two 4 legged babies behind this weekend as i head to nantucket for winefest.  i'm sure i'll get over it after one million cocktails.  but much like their mama, nantucket is george & loo's happy place.

excited for a trip in the family truckster

even horseface and georgey bond on ack


loo is a bit more chill.  obvs.

be good, my sweet ones.  i'll miss you.

happy weekend, everyone!

friends & fam

i drool over most things from serena & lily.  obvs.

it happens to be their friends & family discount this weekend.

here's the edited version of the giant shopping cart in my head:

hanging chair {just two of these}

in actuality i'm buying a shower curtain.  



happy shopping!