frenchie friday: shirt

you know what doesn't help my creepy dog lady image?  when one of my fave stores comes out with a shirt with frenchies all over it.  i meannn, how am i not supposed to get it?

thank you anthro for enabling me.

and thank you in advance to all of my friends who will be forced to be seen in public with 'creepy dog lady' when i wear this shirt all the time.

oh, and more gratitude to all of my FB friends who indulged my shameless plug to like my page last night.  here's one more in case i missed anyone.

happy weekend!

orange you glad . . .

red carpet season is almost upon us?

was going to do a more elaborate emmy post but my sweet miss c had her first trip to the ER in the wee hours with croupe.

so just a few shots of the night's hottest color.

heyyyy, he's not wearing orange . . . how ever did this get in here?

here is the complete list of winners.
yay, jesse pinkman & cam.  obvs.

frenchie friday: hot-blooded

so my post is late due to a hangover.  and it  feels like the first time.  it feels like the very first time . . . i've ever over-indulged.
the GNO to the foreigner concert really did a number on me.  
i have done a lot of totes inappropes things today that i'm not proud of, including but not limited to, asking a new neighbor to deliver me gatorade, skipping a birthday lunch for the bob's baby {so sorry!!} and a new low, having our babysitter pick up the girls from school because i was curled up in the fetal position.  so i'm feeling really good about myself, right about now.  if it wasn't a completely epic evening, i'd be beating myself up even more.  

anyhoot, i've successfully purged the cheap beer out of my system and washed the dirty guitarist hair sweat off {see best video evah below}, so back to to the task at hand.  frenchie friday!  i've just now started playing with instagram.  {late to the party much?}  and i'm obsessed with instagramming my fave subjects.  obvs.

gorgeous GEORGE.

and the looloo special - the reverse foot rub

oh, yeah and THIS happened.
so proud of my sis in law, LC, for rushing the stage with grace and poise as only she could.
they've been waiting for a girl like you . . .

my jukebox heroes!


thank you for all my helping hands today. sorry for any inconvenience but it was
 URGENT URGENT, emergency!

clearly should not be blogging right now.
happy weekend!

rando bob love

the bob needs some love today.

here are some random things that hopefully make the bob smile.

monday FUN{ny} day!

since most of us could use a lil pick me up on mondays, and i can't usually get my act together for a proper post on the heels on the weekend {obvs}, i'm going to try and keep it simple and share something that makes me smile or even LOL.
here goes nothin'

hope you like this new plan o' mine.
P.S. yes, it will almost always be one of those someecards floating around.  
they. are. hilare.

frenchie friday: "fan"tastic

LOVE this image i found on pinterest a few weeks ago.  
loved it even more when a "fan" sent it my way.

image via 
reminds me of fall in the city.  i miss NYC this time of year.  
not that i ever looked as adorbs as this gal or was coordinated {or sober} enough to ride a bike down the streets of the big apple during my years there.  especially with loo on board.  ha.  now that would be a sight!

happy weekend and special shout-out to CM -enjoy your ack-iversary! 

top 4 reasons i'm "fall"ing behind on the blog. . .

so yes my blog-slacking is OOC, i know!

so many balls in the air . . . and so so many exciting things going on.

just finished up L & J's wedding, a bon voyage brunch, and a froggy 40th.

and here are just a few highlights of things that have me a bit too excited for fall -- hopefully i can keep you posted on a somewhat regular basis while i juggle. . . 

number 1. {obvs}  the ash's wedding.  OMG so close!
there are fittings,  printings,  painting, slideshow creating, MOH speeches to be written, accessories to be chosen and meetings with THE most fabulous vendors to be had and it is all amaze at this stage of the game.   
cannot wait to share the deets!
{oh, and then there's the extreme makeover i'm perpetuating on my person.  SJLD back in full effect, as well as IPL treatments, teeth whitening & hair straightening. oh. my.}

number 2. the "R" party is not too far off either.  yikes!
i think i have my costume.  any ideas?

number 3.  C & P's 4th birthday party planning is underway, as well.  the wonderful jayme marie designs has been working around the clock on the invite . . . and it's pretty darn "fantastique", if i do say so myself.

and number 4. last but most certainly NOT least,  i might miss the wedding, the R, and the 4th, because THIS guy is filming in marblehead this fall.  i meannnn, really, could there be a bigger distraction?!  it's almost a joke.

will he come to the R party as RIDICULOUSLY gorge?  i'm creeping myself out on how much i worship.  and disrespecting horseface and jon's real life main squeeze while i'm at it.  sorry, you two.  why don't you commiserate over some vino while hamm and i discuss my inappropriateness.

yes, jon, that would make me smile, too.

black, white & pink all over

i'm dreaming in black, white & pretty pinks these days as a very special wedding is fast approaching.  {hence the blog hiatus}
i'll be a busy bee with L & J's main event this week so wanted to give a shout-out before things get too craycray.
these are for you, Ms. L!

congrats soon to be mr. and mrs. M - so happy for you!