frenchie friday: naughty george. . .obvs

via flickr

this image from flickr looks so much like my george.  miss him so.

grab a chair because i don't want you to be shocked and keel over when i tell you that george has been a bit naughty since i left him nearly a week ago.

here's a text from CBC from a couple of days ago.

and this came in from lucky dogsitter, amandy-pants, last night.  

don't worry that was only a million dollar box of fran's gray salt caramels.

even loo is being a tad naughty, perched up on my prized pillows {via julie from shelter}

good luck, amanda.  please give those naughties hugs from mommy!


the new floral clothing trend is perf for florida.

obvs i want the versaces.  but will settle for the j.crew.  adorbs.

nifty gifty: the coffee table book

was so happy to find a copy of kate spade's new book, things we love, on my doorstep the day before i left for vacay.  if only my bag didn't already weigh 700 pounds, i would have brought it along.  i can't wait to get home and flip through the colorful pages. {thanks, HB & LC!}
i heart coffee table books and think they are among the niftiest of gifties.
they have also become a staple among styling.

here are some of my absolute faves.  to give AND receive. {obvs}

frenchie kisses is my go-to gift for any fellow owner of frenchies.  it's adorbs!  and the domino book is among the best housewarming gifts.  a decor bible of sorts.
earth from above is an extraordinary documentation of our glorious planet shot from aerial views, something i knew well from my flying days.
oh and i'm dying for the pantone book!  {this from a gal who was perfectly content on 3 months of bed rest fanning through my ben moore color wheel.}
i'm going to go fix myself a not so vintage cocktail immeds.  i'm on vacay - what the heck am i doing blogging anyway?!

sunshine state date

finally after two chilly days, and multiple trips to target for sweatpants and long sleeved Ts,  the sun is shining bright down here.  i forgot how much i love florida.  mainly the color story. {not so much the strip malls.  oh who am i kidding, i worship the strip malls, too!}

click here for all the images.

 looking forward to a date night with the hubs when he arrives on thursday.  hey horseface, get your tush down here!

fly me to the mimi's

hope everyone had a fabulous hearts day!  i was too busy enjoying my fave holiday to post, also very busy procrastinating packing for our upcoming trip to mimi's.
some of you may know that i was once a career flight attendant and now i'm a big wimp about flying.  somehow landing in remote countries like bhutan and maurtitius seemed less daunting then traveling to florida with two four year olds in tow.
anyhoot, i was going to wear this . . .

viaor this

but then i remembered it's not 1965.

so going with these essentials.  

have decided comphy ballet flats are the way to go - they are so easy to take off during the security check.  also a watch to count down the minutes until landing since i won't have my cell phone on, and leggings.  and a  big-assed bag to carry the catrillion snacks.  obvs.  just finished giffin's latest book {enjoyed!} but hoping to find another good read in the next 24 hours. obsessed with the splendid cardi.  will be perf for chillier evenings down south and this summer.  
wish us luck!

also, devastated about leaving the pups behind.  obvs.  but know they'll be in good hands.
thinking squeezing loo into the suitcase isn't the best idea.

will miss you, girl.

channeling minnie

i'm hoping this post doesn't send stylist, lindsey foley, into cardiac arrest.  i promise not to wear these things all at once, linds! {maybe just like one or two at a time}

pretty sure i've mentioned my love of valentine's day, hearts and bows . . .

could explain why i am SO excited to see minnie mouse in less than two weeks.

lord help us all.

my funny valentines

P is like her mama and would celebrate every day like it's V day.  and C likes hearts, as long as they are yellow or orange.

P hearts hearts and pink and sparkles and so on and so forth.  this year, i tried to pick her up some goodies we can use on our upcoming trip south. . .and will of course be adding a heart lollipop to the mix, per her request.  the headband?  i. die.  so princess P.

oh and miss C, my yellow girl, with a weird quirky style all her own.  and again, i die over the headband- how could i resist?   i threw in a few things for florida, and will also be adding a yellow lolli to the loot.

frenchie flashback friday

as everyone freaks out in anticipation of the naughty nemo, i decided to take a look back at georgey's first maj snowstorm.  totes got carried away looking through the archives.

it was just about 7 years ago, before this precious 5 pound angel joined us.


 not too much has changed.  i mean the saab hatchback is long gone {miss!} and the red couch has taken up permanent residence in mantown.  obvs.
but i think some similar pooch canoodling will go on this weekend.

stay safe and warm everyone!  happy friday. . .happy blizz


often, including today, i need a smack upside the head to remind myself just how good we have it. 
so i'm trying to switch gears after acting like suicide sally all morning, and instead of worrying about the BIG STORM ruining the queen of hearts ball {womp} or my 4 year old's exhausting tantrums, i'm going to check myself with this inspiring story via the today show.

you go, jill.  you are gorge inside and out.
read more here.

boxers or briefs?

horseface's birthday gifts were fairly unimaginative this year.  i'm still creatively tapped from Christmas.  but he seemed pleased with his new duds.  he's not exactly "designer jeans guy" but I love these AGs on him.  he was excited about the blundstones, too.  and obvs he was over the moon over the framed picture {totes kidding, he could care less about that shiz}  but I worship the images from the ash's wedding from white loft studio and this is one of my very faves.  sneaky heidi caught us holding hands under the table.  love.

hayyyyy, birthday boy!

image via flickr 
as often as i joke or complain about my husband, i seriously adore him.

i love him for many reasons, not the least of which is that he tolerates me calling him horseface.  he's a good sport, both literally and figuratively, and manages the ridiculously high estrogen levels beneath this roof like a champ.  i could go on and on but don't want to get too sappy.  that's not how we roll.  {obvs}

so . . . happy birthday, horseface!

big thanks for being the best partner and daddy these gals could ever ask for.  i am ecstatic you were born.

now i'm off to bake the "funfetti" cake that the girls picked out.

yikes.  i have to admit, it compliments the spanish disney princess balloon P chose blatantly for herself,  quite well.



clearly, i'm not what you'd call a huge football fan {despise}. but i did manage to prop my eyes open long enough for the half time show last night and i was blown away. beyonce = queen of, ummmm, everything
i still owe you the post from this weekends' events. working on it. 
right after i work on mastering beyonce's dance moves. you can, too. holla! 
 all you need is this handy guide from the voice {and if you're anything like me, 700 drinks and the usual grandiose delusions. obvs.}

frenchie friday: dress up with loo

it's happening.  i'm blogging from the train.  holla!

the train is glorious, bee tee dubs.  altho, its going to be super awk when i get off at penn station with the most ginormous suitcase known to man and two other bags, one with my precious macs {big thanks to pickwick!} but so far the extra effort is worth it.

anyhoot, i'm getting set to work on the big post i mentioned yesterday {it's slightly daunting} and started going through old pics.   figured i'd do a quick frenchie friday post while i'm procrastinating.  apparently, i used to dress up looloo.  have not done this in some time. 

should really start again, look how happy it made her.

omg - what is wrong with me?  don't answer that. . . 

happy weekend, everyone!  can't wait to fill you all in on the big happening in the dirty jerse.