owl take two, please : old navy suits

was at old nasty this am {i heart old navy but our local store is guetto} to buy maccy, the birthday boy, some super hero jammies.  of course struck out on the gifty  {they were sold out. womp.} and left with a plethora of just what we need. . . more girl clothes.
just had to share these adorbs suits that are on sale for ten bucks.
they are so precious in "real life" and the rash guard top means i can leave my little mermaids baking without sunblock for hours, right?

lots of other cute ones too, but i just grabbed the ones with pink & yellow.  obvs.

anyhoot, highly recommend.
happy weekend!

frenchie friday: polka dots

i think i should have automatic permission to purchase anything with a frenchie in the ad - but not be mandated to buy {ahem, skechers. not so much}

maybe george & loo will buy them for me for easter.
yes, please - thank you.

currently coveting . . .

these joan & david beauties caught my eye as i innocently walked through nordy's the other day to return a dress. . .
they are just. plain. lovely.

i also am love-LOVE.ing this DVF dress.  it actually hung out in my cyber shopping cart the other day.  i'm sort of relieved it is now sold out in my size - would have been a very naughty purchase! {especially on the heels of the DVF for gap extravaganza}  

what else?  this is a fun game!
i wouldn't mind owning these eyelet pants from j.crew.

oooh, and i adore this splendid tee maxi dress.  this is actually borderline practical and relatively inexpensive considering it's an entire outfit, right?

i could obvs do this all day but i'm starting to feel uber-shallow.  
happy thursday!

wedding wednesday: best day ever

okay, if any of you have read this blog in the last couple months, you may have caught on that i have recently become "re"obsessed with weddings.  i was OOC when planning my own to horsey 7 years ago,  and now as I help the ash, in the age of pinterest and etsy and a zillion fabulous wedding blogs, it's a whole new dangerously all-consuming game.

our pinterest board for the ash's big day has been titled 'best.day.evah.' so you can only imagine my swoon level when i stumbled upon lilia & ryan's palm springs wedding on 100 layer cake.
every. last. deet. oozing with personality.
teal & gold - you may be seeing some of that come october.

ADLER.  i die.

too bad the bride is so unattractive or this could have been a cool wedding. . . joking. obvs.  she's gorge!

head to 100 layer cake for even more glorious deets &  images from photographer sean flanigan.
hey, lilia & ryan, you guys nailed it!  i'll totes give you 'best day ever' award. . . until october 6th.

target tuesday: wellies

so we were spoiled last week but we are about to get wet here in new england.
hard to believe it's been a whole year since ms. meredith nelson took the best. pic. evah. 

it still makes me SO happy!  
what doesn't make me happy is that those precious boots are getting a bit snug and rain is on the way.  if C & P want to go to college i mustn't by them hunter boots every year. 


but who am i kidding?  i'm totes shoving their little piggies in the toddler size 8 hunters until they're twelve.

march "MAD"ness

i cannot possibly start the week without commenting on how fabulous it was to see mr. draper last night.  the 2 hour premiere of madmen seemed to go by too fast.  i thoroughly enjoy the witty dialogue and genius commentary but let's face it - i would be happy to tune in to watch john hamm stand on his head for 2 hours.

hot. as. {that thing i actually don't find that hot}

second to swooning over don, i love seeing all the fashions that joannie, betty, peggy and the gang are sporting.
and luckily, a lot of current fashions are echoing that era.

tracy reese

david meister
milly is one of my fave designers evah- always with just enough  'retro' flair.

thinking of buying this next one and channeling my inner "mrs. draper".

if i could only get this guy to swing by and bring me to the mall.

no need to beep the horn - i'm ready for ya . . .

yes, please. thank you.

frenchie friday: march . . . to the beach

happy frenchie friday to us!  i may have mentioned the craycray town weather we are having in new england this week.  at this point, i'm almost hoping it cools sown a bit so i can actually accomplish something {not really}.  
no-thing makes me happier than bringing george & loo for a romp on the beach.  which is precisely what we did this am {in lieu of errands.  obvs}.

tired piglet.

doesn't my georgey look sooo handsome in loo's pecan pie puppies flower collar?  and look at his grey-ing whiskers.  very distinguished, don't you think?

happy FF & a glorious weekend to you all!

jackie O-h another fabulous day!

i had NO idea what to post about today because as i mentioned before - this amazebalz weather is distracting - in the most glorious way possible.  
when in doubt- post pics of jackie O.
 seriously tho, the summer-like temps in a costal massachusetts town conjure up kennedy images fo sho'.

here's a few pics of jackie enjoying the sun, beach, and being just plain stunning, really.


my fave.

i should really attempt to channel jackie more.  perhaps i'll wear something other than my lululemons to the beach today. . . but i doubt it. 

oh, quick sidebar.  i smooched john john at my college graduation.  on the cheek. the softest most glorious cheek. evah.

i digress.  

RIP jackie and john-john.  sorry this post was supposed to be fun but i just got uber-emo looking at this incredible image.  wor-ship.

new take-away -  it doesn't matter if we emulate jackie's iconic style {impossible} but we should definitely hug and enjoy our kiddos as much as possible. 

hey C & P- go put your suits on!  we're going to splash around at the beach.

carpe diem!