tuesday shoesday

{borrowing a puntastic title from the blogosphere today- don't worry true event  -it's just a loan ;)}
so the rachel zoe showed up to counteract my monday blues yesterday and it sort of worked.   i'm slightly concerned that someone's going to order a margarita from me and it's also a bit tight but other than that, it's a go.   {pretty much once i buy something, as long as the i can zip it up, i'm committed - aka often too lazy to return. }
now the hard part: shoes.  
help. me.
obvs the dress has a lot going on but i'm going to go light on the jewelry but want a fun non-competitive shoe.

i love sparkles but totes too much right?

i want.  but can't afford.  obvs.

definite contender.  i think the nude would elongate my senorita gams.

these too.  girl needs some height.
yes, please, thank you.

i heart feathers but i think these might provide some major competition for the ruffly duds.

oh, and i need those legs, too.  anyone know where i can get a pair by the queen of hearts ball?
okay, so what do you think?


rchecko@live.com said...

I vote gold...I LOVE nude but anything called a "ball" needs some bling.

Lucinda said...

WOW..so hard to decide!! I would either go with the nude with the sparkle heel or the Jessica Simpsons...those Jimmy Choos are to die for!!

Mweed said...

So hard to decide! Worship the Jimmy Cho's. Love the Jessica Simspons too. I like the Black too but isn't there some rule about not doing red and black? I could be wrong.

petits sucrés said...

Nudes-but what size are you? I have a pair of Badgleys that are of the (closed toe, slingback, silver) sparkle variety......

The Gingers said...

i lOVE the Jimmy Cho's! the ones just above the feathered get my vote too!

akjennberry said...

Love the nude and metallic shoes. You are going to be just the cutest darn mamma in that dress!

Erin said...

Love the nude, and the Jimmy's. Love. Love.

eggill said...

Tuesday Choos-day!

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