love-love or not so much: globes 2012

i have to keep today's post brief because i foolishly moved C & p to big girl beds on globes night and let's just say it wasn't what i woud call a smooth transition.

anyhoot, a quick recap of my fave night of the year.

love-love. . .

and not so much. . .

{michelle williams' speech was perfection so i hate to diss her 'look' but it wasn't a fave}

buffy- why. . . whywhywhywhywhywhy would you let your toddler choose your gown?  i barely let c & p pick their own pjs.  NOT okay.

and in a category all her own, cherlize theron -
 nailed it.

ricky gervais made me loff OL, per ushe, but still nothing compares to the intro of the 62nd emmy awards.  a little hamm goes a long way.  i was missing him last night.  here it is for those of you who want 6 minutes of pure joy this morning.


you're welcome.

one last thing, hey sofia vergara, i want my body back.


Shannon said...

Totally agree with all your picks. Kate B looked devine - IMO that dress is gorg but her boobs seal the deal. I covet those boobs. I hate when someone with the raw beauty of Angelina makes stupid ass choices with fashion. That dress was so wrong in so many ways.

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