BGR progress

so how am i doing?  new year's day post = FAIL.  and since i'm not using excuses anymore, i can't tell you why.   then i will have broken the only two publicly declared resolutions by day 2.  unacceptable.

i will offer up that we are finally taking the plunge on the big girl room!  the beds are being delivered next week and there is no turning back now.

we went with the land of nod beds i've been eyeing for quite some time and here are a few other goodies.  i'm exhausted from attempting to use photoshop for the first time in very long time. rusty?  understatement.  sort of embarrassed to even post this but it took me about 127 minutes so it's happening.  
{hey CK, i need a refresher, sister!}

1. the bob just had to send me the link to these serena & lily french tassel window panels.
2. it's really a lot harder than it should be to find adorbs little girl bedding.  but here's the front runner from dwellstudio.  totes not sold on this but i do think it's cute for a 4 year old . . . or two.  thoughts?
4. creepy dog lady got a new picture frame from o'brien & schridde. holla! 

keep in mind, i'm moving them back to their original nursery where we just had all the fun with meredith and the confetti.  so we already have the striped wallpaper in that room.  CBC has made it very clear that we will not be taking down any wallpaper that i begged and pleaded for in the first place or painting. anything. ever.  such a horse's face sometimes. 

{oh and yes that's another aqua bed in the picture, because every family needs at least 3}
i truly welcome your feedback, unless it's bad. obvs.


Christina said...

LOVE-ing this. Perfect beds. We can make a refresher happen.

Katie - Something to be Found said...

Oh those beds!!

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