january tuesday blues-day

is it just me or does this tuesday feel like a monday? 
i guess it's possible to have a touch of the blues every day in january . . . no matter what day of the week it is.  on the bright side, the month is half-way over.  holla!

during my hiatus last month, gossip girl had it's series finale.  you may or may not have watched, as the show morphed into something fairly terrible {from a not stellar start in the first place}

but i think we can all agree that the fashions alone made it bearable.  and blair's elie saab wedding dress rose to the occasion . . . TDF!

happens to be blue, so thought i'd take this opportunity to share.

oh, and serena's louboutins?  yes, please.
bee tee dubs, when are we going to see more of blake & ryan's real life wedding pics? this glimpse of the marchesa gown simply is not enough.  i digress . . . {obvs}


happy tuesday blues-day!

{oh, and if you didn't watch, yet are curious as to who 'gossip girl' turned out to be, click here for the big reveal.  yikes.}


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