january blues: the SAG awards

appears most everyone got the memo about wearing blue last night.  
sort of like the sprinkle i went to yesterday where 7 of my nearest and dearest were wearing the same pink blouse, myself included. {obvs} 
and speaking of that sprinkle, the guest of honor is carrying the naked person in her belly way better than miss busy.  but props to busy for owning it.  beats wearing sweats for 8 months {ahem, i may have done that . . .}

 some other gals feeling the blues.

and BEST dressed, blue or not, goes to. . . 
the stunning marion cotillard


oh, and hello there.  BC jumps on the navy bandwagon, too.  


Anonymous said...

Besides BC's lip looking funny here.. he looks amaze! Thanks for posting. I missed the SAG Awards. Was watching Pitch Perfect for like the 3rd time! lol!

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