frenchie friday: dog house


 noun \ˈdȯg-ˌhas\

Definition of DOGHOUSE

: a shelter for a dog
: a state of disfavor —often used in the phrase in the doghouse

just sayin'

i meannn, i can't.  i don't have a source for this gloriousness.  which is probably a good thing or else i would go there and steal it. {and it's inhabitants.  obvs}

is it weird that i sort of miss paris?  just a little?

top four poochie palaces available for purchase via best friend's home

a DIY via dog milk

HGTV stowe house.  love.

via houzz
 obvs i will keep my actual dogs in my house. {the horse can sleep in the pink castle in the woods with the westie if he doesn't shape up} 
but love these built-ins for my besties.  
i will use the best in show wallpaper for something at some point.
via osborne & little

happy weekend, everyone!  let's all {ahem, CBC} do our best to stay out of the dog house.


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