more red deliciousness

as promised - more options!
totes don't need to wear red for the QOH but i think i'm feeling it this year.  perhaps it's that i'm gearing up for valentine's day.  and i heart heart's day.

had been eyeing this classic by shoshanna.

two ruffled beauties from BCBG.  sorta loving that second one . . a lot.

here's a sweetie on super sale at BHLDN.  not for moi but cute.

OMG. . . 

lindsey foley would never speak to me again.  but i sort of worship this rachel antonoff.  obvs.  too bad i'm not 12 or it would be perf.

i think i've exhausted all the red options.  thoughts?  stick with the parker?  

or explore more colors next week?  you know, just for kicks?


Petal said...

you are so flipping adorable i say bcbg #2 all the way.

Shelly said...

Libby has a dress very similar to the RA. You can borrow. ;) loving BCBG #2.

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