target tuesday : effing george

so had to make a quick run to target this morning because george ate C & P's boyfriend, Grady's, sneakers {and prized possessions} while he was innocently here for a playdate yesterday.   i needed to replace those bad boys STAT.  hopefully G is none the wiser.  don't let him read the blog today, sugar!
 GEORGE!  he is OOC. good thing he is  . . .

so. darn. handsome.

so handsome. . . so naughty. . . 

stunning images by white loft studio

anyhoot, while i was there i picked up the altuzarra tumblers for Grady's mom to compensate for pain and suffering.  {and then i felt some pain & suffering of my own when i saw the entire neiman's collection is now 70 percent off - doh!}

so grabbed these swim caps for our trip to mimi's to lift my spirits.

to match this.  obvs.

i have a serious issue with little girl's swimwear.  
serious. issue.

P.S.  keeping george on a tight leash today. . .literally.  horseface is expecting his playoff tickets in the mail at any given moment.  after *the incident* of 2011, this "leashing" is mandatory.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Same issue here with our 2 yr old lab. Those damn shoes!!! Everyone that comes in the house knows to hide their shoes.... IMMEDIATELY!
Glad your back. Missed you during your mini hiatus. HNY!!

lmkiarsis said...

You gotta love that George!! I really love the swim cap - can't wait to see those!

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