shelby, drink your juice

my friend lee had me peeing over this link for the greater part of saturday morning.

it is truly hilare and worth a few minutes of your time, i mean, only if you like to laugh.  if you prefer not to laugh, it's not for you.

got me thinking about my upcoming weekend.  i'm working on a very special post and assuming i'm able to figure out w-fi on the acela tomorrow, i can blog while en route to the big apple.  which is where i will meet up with my co-hostess with the mostess of the very specialest double double bebe shower.  so please wish me, and my awkwardly large suitcase full of cake stands and macarons and other delightful treats, luck!

so this is my version of what should we call mom? {above link}


i realize only about 6 people will get this.  {even less if you don't check out the genius link i posted}  explanation tomorrow.


Katie - Something to be Found said...

You made my day with that link!! HAlarious!

Anonymous said...

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