post "call" contenders

as previously mentioned, i'm getting prepared for when bradley needs a date for the globes on sunday.  will have to act fast.  zoe probably won't be able to squeeze me in so i'm just going to have to buy online.  obvs.
i'm predicting a lot of emerald green, as it's already been proclaimed 2013's "it" color.   and being a newbie on the red carpet, i don't want to step on any toes {literally and figuratively} so i'm going to avoid.

matthew williamson pleated silk-chiffon gown

matthew williamson coral
 love love both of these first two options.

oscar de la renta

too much?  not really my color and could possibly knock over bradley with this.  no-go.

sophia kokosalaki
love this white number but scared i'm going to botch sophia's name when annoying julia rancik is shoving her mic in my face.  

oscar de le renta
too conservative?

roland mouret
love this color but maybe too boring?

jason wu
worship. wu.

and love me some marchesa but i bet this dress weighs a zillion pounds.  and i can't really do backless so much.  and I am being completely realistic in this scenario.

ahh, screw it, i'm totes going emerald green like my other besties on the red carpet.

oscar via neiman marcus
oh and this is charlotte's pick.  

monique via neiman marcus
not too shabby considering phoebe's choice.



Lucinda said...

LOL!!! Ahhh P!! Such a princess at heart! LOVE all the picks!! Can I come?

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