and the oscar goes to . . .

possibly this guy.

yeah that's right. . . 
you heard me. . .
this guy.

so i'd like to take a moment to publicly declare my undying love  heartfelt congratulations to bradley cooper for getting the coveted best actor oscar nod for silver linings playbook.  he's also up for a golden globe this sunday.  

the ash is visiting this weekend and we are going to see it . . . obvs.  then, while the horse is being a neanderthal at the pats game, our personal superbowl is happening.  

wine. pizza. wine. globes. wine.  YES!

the globes dominate all other awards shows.  movies AND my true love, TV and, ahem, they give them all booze!    
so many of my faves are up.  i need connie britton to win best actress for friday night lights nashville.  
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TAMI TAYLOR for president!

and can we even deal with the BFF co-hosts amy poehler and tina fey?  adorbs.

and best actor in a TV series?  i mean, i die a bit.  nicholas brody vs. walter white vs. nucky thompson vs. don draper.
oh, hello, there.  it's been awhile.

i'm having heart palpitations already.  i'm going to be so pissed if jeff daniels wins for the newsroom, the only show i'm not obsessed with.  he's totes going to.  womp.

i could clearly go on and on about this. . . clearly.

so let's just discuss what i'm going to wear if and when "the call" comes.  unfortch, i'll have to go off the rack since bradley is taking his sweet ass time inviting me.  i'll be soliciting feedback on a few options this afternoon.  stay tuned.

{PS affleck got robbed on the oscar director nod for argo.  that movie is legit.  routing for him on sunday}


Jocelyn Strutt said...

I heart Bradley Cooper!!!!!!

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