whooo has a new blog?

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lil hoot, that's who!
welcome, my lovelies!
so grateful you've stopped by to see what's happening with my new baby, lil hoot, a party planning {ad}venture and blog. i'm tickled pink to have this stage to share charming goodies and clever ideas that make me swoon, also to chat up my favorite vendors and most delightful inspirations, and last but not least, feature lil hoot's real life parties!

so, without further ado, meet mr. hoot, a lovable fellah created by graphic design crackerjack, ms. lucinda wesson, of chocolate creative design.

ms. wesson honored me first and foremost, with a remarkable wedding almost 6 years ago (feel free to size up the highlights).  she was the wedding planner and quickly became much more. . . i could never ever put our relationship into words as eloquently as she did here . . . so humbled by this crazy-talented lady friend of mine!

then came the opportunity to guest blog at her most fabulous blog - glitter, glue & fireflies - over the holidays - check out the awesome gift guide!
merry Christmas to me!
this was TOO. MUCH. FUN.
out of this merriment, the inspiration for lil hoot was born!

and now you're here! and i could not be happier. . .

expect to see lots of parties, pink, presents, pooches, puns, paper, and pretty things that make my heart pitter-patter or simply make me smile.

i do hope you'll follow me, and i hope you'll comment and participate in some of my daily features (especially "what a hoot! wednesdays" featuring actual quotes from our wee ones that we couldn't make up if we tried), and more than anything, i genuinely hope you leave here with a happy heart.

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image via weheartit

. . .and this one's for you, lu!


Lucinda said...

Ohhh Miss Sarah Loomis Crawford.....You bring tears to my eyes you sweet lady you!! I am so happy and proud of you.....and you always make MY heart happy!!

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