lil hoot headquarters

about to embark on my very first "office" project. 
i am over the moon to have an excuse to decorate something.  fun, fun, fun. . . altho this will need to be on a budget, fo' sho' {i foresee a trip to ikea in the near future. . .}
 as much as lil hoot loves operating in the red, let's try and keep CBC happy.  the poor guy already has to put up with a pink feathered wreath on his door.

i adore nicole's office from meohmy blog.
don't you?

stay tuned for some really scary before pics that i'll post at naptime.  i'm half-way thru cleaning out the 3rd floor room we've been using for 'storage' {aka tons of crap}


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

I need an office. Lets plan a field trip to Ikea!

Paiges of Style said...

Love her blog! You can grab that rug at Ikea when you're there. It's the same one in our living room. Can I go on the field trip with you two???

eggill said...

I love the monogrammed slipcover on her chair!!

akjennberry said...

Is it nap time yet? hehe

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