target tuesday: mara-mi

had the wee ones in tow when we hit up target yesterday.  all three of us were thrilled to stumble upon this mara-mi for target display. 

hey pink & yellow adorb-ness, where were you last november?  
this cute partyware would have come in handy for C & P's pink & yellow party
{not to mention the nifty gifty bags, cards, and gift wrap.}

confession: i'm a full-on greeting card hoarder. mostly because i buy them with the best intentions and never motivate to mail them.  anyhoot, some new ones for my collection made it home yesterday.

 if i could send target a card, it would say this:

but they already have it.  obvs.


AmyElements said...

I hoard cards too. We should start a support group. Love the Mara-Mi @ Target! What fun, bright colors.

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