loverly lilac

i find myself coveting my neighbor these days because her gorge lilac bushes are blooming.  lucky for her they are out of arm's reach, and unlucky for me they are just out of sniffing range.

NOTHING brings me back to my childhood like the scent of lilacs.
we had a beautiful bush in our yard in my very special little town and the smell brings on nostalgia overload.

i'm not a huge fan of purple but if it's just the right shade of lilac, it's a go!
especially on princess cake.  


but us commoners might have to settle for these options to bring a lil lilac into our lives.

lilac-scented dyptique candle

AG for calypso stilt stretch sateen

to leave you with a deep thought {via boomie}

“April is the cruelest month, breeding
lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
memory and desire, stirring
dull roots with spring rain.”

― T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

guess i'm not the only one feeling nostalgic.

image via a country farmhouse


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! I am wearing TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY right now, a lilac sweater and have lilacs in our bedroom! Great minds.... XOX BOOM

Clare said...

I have been stalking my new neighborhood to find lilac bushes to steal blossoms from... much like our mothers used to do on their morning walks!

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