"i like pink" . . . "i like yellow"

this is the ongoing debate in our house right now.  heavy stuff.  p likes pink and c likes yellow and they feel the need to discuss this at length . . . all.  day.  long.

i think they've subliminally been effecting my purchases lately.

here are a few pink AND yellow additions to 14 bowden street.
first up, ferarri lemon wall art for the dining room from wisteria.  love-love!

our dining room is painted ben moore's palladian blue which i think might be the same color as the wall in the catalog.   the pink and yellow really pop against it.  wor-ship.

i also used palladian blue at 50% on the play room ceiling against a yellow and white stripe.

oh look, more pink and yellow!

i love how c& p's custom magnetic boards from lake house designs turned out.

just added these these yellow coral kaarskoker candle sleeves to our chandelier for a touch more yellow in the dining room.  candle sleeves are one of my fave ways of adding some fun to a room.  so many adorbs colors and patterns. 

i also have the pink dot sleeve in the play room which are on sale now.  {see playroom pic #1}

another yellow addition to the dining room are these awesome DVF napkin holders.  love-love!

sooooo, the pillow project is still not done {the best things come to those who wait, right?}
here's an oversized custom lumbar pillow for the center of the couch.  it's totes my new baby and if anyone tries to actually use it as a pillow, i will freak out on them. {ha}
  i'll share more when the final two arrive.  soon. . . yay!

so i'm going to put off putting c& p in beds for as long as humanly possible. . . seriously.  i can't even fathom letting those lil munkies have free reign.  in the meantime, i have lots of time to plan the "big girl" room.

just came across this idea in a real simple article about re-purposing. . .
a tutu nightstand!
perf for my girly girl, p.

will have to balance it out with something not so frilly for miss c.  but she'd be thrilled if the walls were yellow! {totes not happening}

perhaps i should just copy horchow's use of serena & lily's bedding . . .  of course i'll have to stop spending money on pillows if that's the case.

enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

and feel free to bring me some flowers that look like this for my dining room table . . . 


i have to go split up an argument now. . .i think they are both right.  what do you think?  pink or yellow?


akjennberry said...

Love the fabric you used for the window dressing the C&P's room!!
Love all of it!!

Jayme said...

I love pink and yellow together! And aqua blue... love love!

Anonymous said...

I am a pink lady myself...though never too much pink...be careful of too much pink :) So it's a good thing they have each other, awwww.



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