spring fling

had a chance to get gussied up on saturday and wore my new elva fields necklace.

WOR-SHIP elva.
wore it with this gray chiffon number from calypso sans belt.  obvs.
 {via LG's closet- thanks, liz!}

also dug these bad boys out of the closet.  sorta cheesy i know but they work well with the gray.

since i wasn't purchasing a "new " dress or shoes -  i splurged on hair & make up.
here's the look i went for . . .

so i didn't look exactly like this twenty-something supermodel but it was a solid attempt by the gals at andrew michaels and rouge cosmetics. {maje props for not laughing in my face when i told them i wanted to look like this beauty}

 btw, loving my new lip candy - paula dorf's flamingo

now gearing up for the main event.  a very special shelby gets married this weekend!  i pretty much die of excitement. . . 
if i can stop jumping up and down long enough to post this week, i will.
oh and SJLD in full effect.  OBVS.


petits sucrés said...


Shannon said...

I'm sorry but where's the picture of YOU!?!?!?!? That model is all nice and whatnot but I'd like to see a picture of you rocking all that. And for the record I love the shoes. I covet anything with a hot heal - probably due to the air cast incarceration.

akjennberry said...

I'm with Shannon...where are the pics?

christina said...

pics please!

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