real life party with heart: may's fab 4th!

so c & p are blessed with some pretty special friends.  yup, still at the age where we can force 'em to hang with our BFFs kiddos so birthday parties are actually fun for us, too {i.e. there is booze involved}  we were lucky enough to have TWO fabulous parties in the last couple of weeks.
first up: may's fab 4th!

lil hoot fave, nancy-pants, has blessed us with her gift guides and her daughter may's awesome circus party last year and she outdid herself this time with may's beatle-themed bash. you may have caught on that i love all things puntastic and nancy made sure there was no shortage of puns, clever deets, or yummy treats.  see for yourself!

how adorbs are these yellow submarines?  nancy always does a fantastic job involving the kiddos - these were make your own!

i think i ate every last piggie in this pic.  so yummy.  {shhhh, don't tell junk!}

gift bags that were filled with even more puntastic favors that i forgot to capture on film.  womp.

maccy- the next birthday boy in line. . .

pin the moustache on the beatle

CD covers

aforementioned booze

marzipan yellow submarine cupcake toppers

there were soooo many more amazebalz deets- it was impossible to capture them all {while stuffing face with pigs in a blanket, that is}

last but most certainly not least - the birthday girl!

and a few words about her from her very eloquent mama.  an idea i ripped off from the fabulous meredith nelson, and then nancy did, too.  you know what they say, mere-  you should feel very flattered :)

My effervescent May Sawyer is four years old today!

(I totally stole this brilliant idea from Meredith Nelson and I had to share, being the proud mama that I am.)

A little bit about you, May, at this moment in time:

1) you sparkle. Your smile takes over your entire face. It did even when you were a baby.

2) you inherited your father's inability to whisper, his quick wit and the fact that nothing gets past you. You also have his eyes.

2) you inherited my anxiety and fears (sorry) and potty mouth (sorry again) but you also inherited my compassion. You hate seeing people sad and will often say, "please put a smile on your face."

3) you love the Beatles. You are very sad that John and George died and you like to talk about it in the car every day. You also want to visit the surviving Beatles in England and bring them chocolates in ziplock bags.

4) you cannot pronounce spaghetti (ska-betty) and nutella (tune-ella) and I wish that you never do.

5) nothing goes unnoticed, "Ernie and Kermit have the same voice"

6) you are terrified of the Easter Bunny but the idea of an Easter Monkey is okay to you.

7) you have mostly boy friends and love hockey, cars, diggers and skateboards. You do appreciate sparkles however and declared that you're "now into pink."

8) when you were two, you wore froggy boots 80 percent of the year. When you were three, it was all about red cowboy boots. What will four bring?

9) you tell me how much you love Lolly as you strangle her and push on her soft spot.

10) You collect rocks everywhere we go... Even in our driveway. You will either be a geologist or a hoarder when you grow up.

11) When you tell a story you get shifty eyes and a deep voice.

Everything started making sense when you entered our lives. You are amazing. Happy Birthday my darling girl!

thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas and your wonderful daughter, nancy-pants!  may is one lucky gal and we are lucky to be a part of your fab soirees.  i think your party was only missing one thing . . . bunny plates.  obvs.


Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with this party.


Anonymous said...

Such a cute party! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am curious what you have in the jars for Paul and George. I am throwing a 60 th party for my friend and love your ideas!

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