SJLD: part deux

as some of you may recall, before my miami trip i was working with a trainer. 
 SJLD was no joke.  i was a psycho, not eating one extra almond without permission granted from fitness guru, sarah junk.  it was working but i fell off the wagon {obvs} . . . and it hurt.  so now i'm enrolling in sarah's new program.  This will be a slightly less intensive regimen, as I informed sarah that realistically i cannot give up the booze {apparently it has no nutritional value?} 
 so here it is- sarah's new plan, that you can do, too! 
 straight from her because another thing i can't do is use the word 'fierce'. haha.  seriously, that word is not coming out of my month.

here's a pic of my inspiration, jen.  i tried to channel her last year by buying her new perfume.  that didn't work {or smell very good.  womp}  so now it's up to junk. . . and me, i guess.
or maybe i'll just carry smart water around and no one will notice my less than rock hard abs.

oh and jen -hey, girl, hey.  let's grab a margie next time you're in town. 


petits sucrés said...

me too! me too! this is what I'M doing TOOO! and so funny that you posted a pic of Jen because I spend a LOT of time speculating about how Jen is probably built JUST LIKE SJ in real life.

princess said...

Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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