C & P's 3rd Birthday

terribly sorry for being so MIA on the blog.  sickness got the best of me over the holidays but I simply cannot enter 2012 without acknowledging my fave event of 2011.  C & P's birthday bash {which was featured on amy atlas last week-- yay!}

The party was for my twin daughters and meant to reflect their individual personalities but celebrate who they are together.  Since they learned to talk this past year, a frequent conversation has been ' i like pink!' and 'i like yellow!' {I even did a post about it last summer}
So it seemed fitting to have a pink & yellow party!  

Charlotte, Phoebe and I discussed every aspect of this party at length and it was so. much. fun. to have them be part of the process and make their vision come to life.  And obvs the amazebalz meredith caught their reaction on camera.

Phoebe likes polka dots and Charlotte likes stripes so we carried that throughout, as well.
The invite was two-sided - one inviting you to phoebe's pink party and the other side to charlotte's yellow party.
The party was held at You & Me studio where mama hoot also plans other parties.  Owner Sarah Junk is awesome to loan out her fab space for soirees.  It's a blank cheerful canvas that kiddos love-love to enjoy!

I did two dessert tables with all of their favorite things.  Charlotte loves baseball hats so I made a baseball hat garland with all the guests monogrammed hats to take home. {i even painted those teeny clothespins to coordinate - very unlike this non DIYer} 

All of the food was what they really like in their favorite colors.  Charlotte likes fruit so we did pineapple in yellow cups. P loves everything sweet. . .

Phoebe loves hearts and Charlotte likes stars so we served wand cookies in hearts and stars.  Sugar on top made these as a gift- worship her!

C drinks apple juice and P guzzles chocolate milk.

And so on and so forth. . . you get the idea. . .
Basically Jayme Marie Designs created a blurb for the invite and all the paper goods, meant to voice their likes and favorites.  Love-love working with Jayme!  She's wonderfully pleasant and talented.
For activities, they both like play-doh so each child got pink and yellow play-doh to play with.

They also both like coloring so I ordered a custom box of Crayola crayons in pinks and yellows and each child had a bundle at their personalized place mat with a custom coloring book, featuring all pictures of pink & yellow things to color! {ducks, hearts, poodles, etc.} Both girls love stickers so I had a big bucket of stickers of their fave characters.
The custom pinata was a giant 3 in pink & yellow with custom sign.

The cakes were a "baby" yellow cake and "BIG" pink cake, per their requests.  A custom banner by nice exclaimed 'we like cake!'  Pickwick Baking co. was phenomenal at accomodating my three year olds ever-evolving requests.  Phoebe's eyes lit up when she saw her 'biiiiggggggg' flower painstakingly crafted by Ali herself.  And C was all too pleased by her baby flowers.

{case and point}
and ummmm - delish!  these were truly the yummiest cakes and cucpakes evah.

Personalized CDs were given as additional take home treats with all of their favorite songs.  Oh yeahhh, we totes jammed out to 'party in the USA'.  {hoping C & p refine their taste in music in 2012} 

and it ain't a party until baby june in the hizzy!

The girls wore custom mongrammed jumpers in their designated colors and mom couldn't help join in the fun! {yup, totes dork.} 
oh and my FAVE part if the party was the adult beverages 'mommy likes champagne!' and 'daddy likes beer!'

Endless gratitude to Meredith Nelson who not only captured the details of the party but took the pic that we used as a backdrop for the entire event! {and our Christmas card . . . would be lost without this woman in my life}

me and my birthday girls.  happiness.

Paper goods: Jayme Marie Designs
Cookies: Sugar on Top
Pinata: AbitaAchie
custom cake banner: nice


Jayme said...

So so adorable! I love looking at the pictures! You are an amazing stylist Sarah!

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

I must be hormonal...or maybe just miss u- cause I have tears in my eyes. love this post miss sarah!!

Anonymous said...

You're the best mommy ever :) My birthday is in June...wink wink.



Christine {Pure Joy} said...

What a darling party.

Carolyn said...

Really, really cute!! Adorable girls!

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