frenchie friday: welcome C.C. or Pippa!?

so my BFF from college, jess, has always had phenom taste  {and lucky for her roommates she's also very generous and always opened up her bountiful closet to us. thanks, lady! }
and she created this mum's day gift guide for lil hoot last year. . . but she's outdone herself this time.  she's the proud new mama, of this precious angel.  


she's so spankin' new to the fam that they haven't even decided on a name yet.
What do you guys think?

is she a C.C. {short for chubby cheeks fantastic} or a pippa {short for pippa middleton.  obvs.}

whatever she is i cannot wait to sniff her precious puppy paws.  best. smell. evah.

congrats, P fam!  you're about to see a lot more of the C fam. . .


Shannon said...

my dream! and pippa!

Jocelyn Strutt said...

you stop it right now!!!! She is a killa!!!! name her Penolope!!!! and call her PENO!!!!!

Jayme said...

Great! Now I want one. :) Pippa!

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