wedding wednesday: GRAMPS

i've been procrastinating posting this week because i wanted to mention the passing of my dear gramps, and i thought the "right" words would just come to me. . . not so much.  it's wednesday and i've come to the realization that i could never ever begin to sum this man up in a blog post.  so i'll probably just mention him from time to time.  i bet you won't mind a bit. 

there are hundreds upon hundreds of pics of Gramps to choose from . . . usually with a martini and cigar in hand.  obvs.

but this next one is one of my faves.  
i love so many things about it.  i love that he is petting a cute pup and that my mom's smiling eyes are peeking out from behind him.  what you can't see is my grandmother's growing preggers belly {twinkies! one of them ashy's mom - born that august}
what i love most is how happy they look when they lived on a farm with next to nothing.  my mom always says those were some of the happiest days of her life.
{next post will be about his rock star years . . . about 65 of them}

gramps always made the best of everything- his one-liners trumping all.
the man had a million of them.  in recent years when i'd ask how he was doing he'd simply respond  'i'm not buying any green bananas'

it was his time but i'm still a bit heartbroken. . . also so very very grateful that i have so many memories with this absolute charmer.
in honor of Gramps and wedding wednesday here are a couple shots from our wedding day.

his brood.

images via corinna raznikov

i'd like another spin on the dance floor with gramps . . .someday. 

btw, he only liked two kinds of music, "country & western".  i kid you not, a MILLION of 'em. . .


Meredith Nelson said...

so so very sweet sarah. what a handsome man he was!

Jayme said...

Such a beautiful post Sarah! He sounds like an amazing gramps. I love his one liners.:)

petits sucrés said...

tearing up over here.


ag24 said...

I'm sure he is hitting on someone very young in heaven.
RIP, old man.

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