frenchie friday: i need 50 naps because of grey

i need a nap.  too many margs followed by late-night reading.  whaaaa?  that just doesn't add up, you say.  trust me, i wasn't planning on having a book hangover either.  but everyone and their perverted mom is talking about 50 shades of grey, so i decided to give it a whirl when i got home from the GNO.  it JUST started getting good at 3 am when i had to call it a night.
word on the street is that it gets OOC.  did y'all read it yet? 

anyhoot, i need a nap.  hence why i am repeating myself and babbling . . . and writing words like 'y'all' . . . 

image vis flickr

{cue the yawning}


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