no school blues

should probably have given you a heads up that posts will be sporadic this week.  it's april vacay and we are attempting to enjoy a "staycation" but my allergies decided this was the week to give me  a swift kick in the bum.  
anyhoot, might just throw an inspirational something up here and there so you don't forget about me.

love this one! working on it, too. . . but probably not the week it's going to happen.
gotta run.  charlotte, george & loo are howling in unison. . . not in a  good way.  {obvs}

but don't you feel too bad for me i have big plans to introduce C&P to my fave place on the planet {eeeeek!  SO. exciting.} and also to get my paws on ms. C.C.


happy {?} vacation week!  good luck, mamas.


Lucinda said...

Can't wait to see those beauties!!

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