no junk in the trunk

i have to blog about this in order to help with my follow-thru. for those that know me - i don't have to explain that 'exercise' is not exactly my forte.  but i'm really trying this time! and if any of you bump into me in the next couple weeks and you see me with a cocktail in my hand or any food without 'nutritional value', please feel free to smack me {and drink my cocktail}

i've enlisted the help of sarah junk, owner of body baby fitness, to help me get in shape for miami.  sarah is a REALLY good trainer, and the time has come to see if my tummy is capable of being seen without a tuck. if anyone can help me achieve this goal- it's sarah.  we have a plan!  {said plan will be revealed after the this training period.}  btw, for those of you that don't know sarah junk, she's pretty much the only person on the planet that could rock that name - she's a tiny- fit - strong - adorbs - pea- nut!

sarah is mad at me because she only agreed to this challenge if i promised to do what she told me.  and she told me NOT to drink or eat anything naughty, and then my fam came to town and the green smoothies weren't going to cut it when it came to celebrating the ash's engagement and wedding dress shopping.

today i will pay the price!

anyhoot, this made me smile.

as does this.

but this is what i'll be really staring at the next two + weeks.

stay tuned.  maybe i'll be channeling jen sooner than later.


Unknown said...

Motivation. Just what I needed this Fat Tuesday! I work out with a trainer too and I am convinced it's the way to go. Happy training;)

Gillian~Katie said...

I wish you the best of luck with it. I will need some serious help when I am done with baby making.

Shannon said...

I am also feeling the motivation - strike that- *pressure* to get my ass in gear. My middle needs a whittle! Damn all those treats and cocktails staring me in the face.

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